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Why You Should Be Working At A Standing Desk

Thu 8, June 2017   Reviews


Standing desks are fairly new, with the few obvious benefits to them - driving the market. Working people understand that sitting for eight hours a day can have some strenuous effects on their bodies. The one thing that people don’t understand, is that your standing desk is still a desk. Yep, that’s right; If you buy an electric standing desk, it’s still usable as a regular old desk! It’s funny to imagine the amount of people that use their electric standing desks as only a standing desk, and not a normal, sitting desk. Regardless of what you do with your desk, haven't you posed the question: Why are these desks more popular now-a-days anyways? Is there some reason that manufacturers are choosing these models over traditional desk models? Continue reading, and just about everything regarding standing desks will be covered.


What makes the standing desk so revolutionary?

Although movement is fundamental to the human condition, business and the overall work force tends to confine us to sedentary jobs. Standing desks allow for much more room throughout the workspace, as well as provide multiple uses to your occupation. Men and women with standing desks often a time get more tasks done throughout the day, due to the high level of activity, standing and walking throughout their place of work. We can also see that when using standing desks, employees are forced to stand. More room, more lively-hood in the user, and increased usability? These desks should be a part of every office.

A recent study conducted by Vitality Works reported a range of beneficial outcomes from using Sit-to-Stand desks for both employers and staff members’ perspectives. A significant reduction in absenteeism and the rate of early report incidents for Discomfort, Pain, or Injury (DPI) was recorded. Staff members also reported increased levels of focus, concentration, and energy, and improved feelings of authority and confidence. Based on reduced absenteeism, it has been estimated that the standing workstations will be cost-neutral after a period of 14 months.”

- an excerpt from the 2014 Article The Standing Desk Revolutionby Professor Grant Schofield.


Standing vs. Sedentary: Physical Benefits

It’s plain science in the fact that standing is much better for your body, physiologically. We understand that when we’re sitting for long periods throughout the day, we become at higher risk for heart attacks, back problems, and obesity. Lean people generally gain some weight when their jobs limit them to a desk. Generally, when any person is sitting stationary in an area for prolonged periods, risk of musculoskeletal diseases shoot much higher than if that same person would’ve been standing during their work day. The human body is composed of hundreds of moving parts, and similarly to a car - you’ve got to keep it going. If your body stays stationary, you’re bound to have more problems involving arthritis, stiff joints, and issues with posture than if you were unbound, using a standing desk.


Types of Standing Desks


Over time, multiple types of Standing desks have been brought to market. During the 18th and 19th centuries, standing desks were popular amongst the rich, and they were often found in study’s. It wasn’t until the recent 2000’s that electric standing desks were modernized, and manufactured in large numbers. Originally, the idea of an economic standing desk (2014) was simple - crank the desk to raise, crank the opposite way to lower the desk. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology and business - we are now blessed with electric standing desks. Right at the push of a button, your desk can raise and lower through an electronic system. Two sizes of desks are popular among standing-desk advocates, 60 inch and 48 inch. This number represents the area of the desk itself. Most standing desks are available with two options for raising and lowering the desks, crank and electronic. Crank adjustable standing desks are often more reliable, although the electronic raising and lowering improves ease of use and quality of work when using the desk.

Take one thing away from this article - standing can mean the difference in your work. People believe in the standing desk so much, that a company even crafted this fantastic (yet hilarious) cardboard standing desk converter. Start saving your body in your workplace, stray away from sedentary positions, and get yourself a standing desk from Projector SuperStore.