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Thinking of Shopping Conference Room Projectors?

Wed 19, April 2017   Projectors

If you have been struggling to find the best projector for the conference room in your building, then there are large numbers of projectors that can be found today, and all of them offer the highest quality. Conference room projectors need to satisfy the requirements of providing HD image of the best fitting resolution. Since the screen in the conference rooms should be big, the gaps between the pixels need to be less in order not to give blurred image. The projector needs to be light enough in order to see the image on the screen even if you are 60 ft away from it, and with the lights on.

What are the best projectors for conference rooms?

EB-5530U this is affordable WUXGA projector that is easy to install and offers 5,500 lumen brightness. It is HDBaset and Miracast and the life of the lamp is approximated to 10,000 hours.

EB-5520W is another projector that is used in the conference rooms and is affordable WXGA projector, easy to install and also offers 5,500 lumen brightness. The life of the lamp is 10,000 hours and it is HDBaset and Miracast.

EB-2250U is a full HD 5,000 lumen projector that provides 300 inch display. It can have LAN connectivity, but this is optional. It is the best gesture presenter and is used in the conference room collaboration.

EB-2040 is another perfect projector that you can use in the conference room and provides 300 inch display. The brightness is 4,200 lumen and the image is just perfect where you can see every detail clearly even if you are further. It has home screen and split screen and also optional wireless.

EB-2055 is a bright business projector that offers 5,000 lumen image and the display can be up to 300 inch. The life of the lamp is 10,000 hours and it has share and stream content. It is definitely one of your top choices if you want to have excellent visual experience.

EB-2065 is a dynamic XGA projector that offers brightness of 5,500 lumen and 300 inch display. It has stream and share content and is one of the best conference room projectors used in the conference rooms.

EB-2140W is another affordable business projector that is HD and WXGA resolution. The brightness is 4,200 lumen and has 300 inch of display. There is also wireless connection, but this is optional.

EB-2155W is a present and share projector that offers brightness of 5,000 lumen and 300 inch display. It has share and stream content and is HD.

Features of the projectors used in conference rooms

The projector needs to get lighter and brighter all the time and offer resolution from XGA to WUXGA. The number of features that are present make the projector more flexible. The wireless options, the USB input, the on and off times, make the multimedia presentation available and provide to the audience the best visual experience.

The brightness

The brightness of the projector is measured in “ANSI lumens” from the ANSI international system for measurement units, and i the most important factor in seeing how the projector copes with ambient light. If you want to install the projector in a place that doesn’t have blinds, then a lumens of 4000 or more would be appropriate. If the ambient color that hits the screen is more, the projector will obviou need to be brighter. There are projector tools for calculating the brightness in order to determine the type of projector you will need for the conference room.

An important thing to remember is that there is only screenshare projector lighter, and the dark colors will not be considered as bright.

How to install the projector?

First you need to choose the place where to install the screen, it is recommended to be placed in the darkest area in the room.

If there are some spots of light in the room you need to turn off the lights while projecting in order to see if there is some light that prevents the lighting.

The resolution

The resolution is actually the number of pixels that can be displayed on the screen. The common resolution is 1024 in horizontal pixels and 768 in vertical pixels. The most modern projectors now offer 1080 p HD definition resolution which is 1920 in horizontal pixels and 1080 in vertical pixels. If the resolution is more expensive, the quality of the image is better.

Optical projection screens for the conference rooms

These screens can be optical front projection screens and optical rear projection screens. The projector needs to be placed in the room at some specified distance from the screen, while the rear projectors are built in the walls.