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Finding the Right Projector: The Best Projectors By Brand

Fri 24, March 2017   Projectors


Among the projectors available from Epson, the EPSON BrightLink Pro Series stands among the best options on the market. With one of these projectors, it's possible to share a whiteboard between as many as 15 different devices, including those that aren't even in the same room. The projector can also be used to display the contents of the screen of your computer onto a whiteboard or wall and then allow you to make changes using a special pen or your finger as a mouse. The projector works with existing apps and programs, such as Skype for Business, WebEx and GoToMeeting, as well as popular video conferencing systems. This makes video conferencing even easier, as dedicated flat panel displays are no longer necessary. Instead, you can project onto any flat surface available, including tables or walls. Those who want to optimize performance further can purchase the Epson all-in-one collaborative whiteboard, which also works as a dry-erase board. The material can be clearly read even when projected up to 100 feet away, and the display can be up to 100 inches diagonally.


For those who prefer an NEC projector, it makes sense to consider the NEC NP-V302H projector. This projector is particularly well-suited to rooms that are somewhat bright and need a small projector. It can project anywhere from 4.9 to 32.8 feet due to its 1.2X zoom. It has high definition and 3D capabilities and an ECO mode that will help limit power consumption and keep the lamp functioning longer before it needs to be replaced. The lamp typically lasts about 3,500 hours, but ECO mode extends this to about 6,000 hours. This projector is noted for its ability to project images in fine detail and with sharp text, making it easy to read the information displayed. The main drawback noted is that sometimes there are rainbow artifacts when the projector is used to show videos. It also lacks the capability to project from a USB thumb drive. This NEC projector has built-in audio that's loud enough to be heard in a small to medium room, limiting the need to attach separate speakers.


The Sony VPL-EW255 is another of the best projectors available. It has an optional wireless capability, so tablets and mobile devices don't necessarily need to be connected using HDMI cables. This means that teachers and students can wirelessly share documents and images from their phones or tablets. It has been created to be more environmentally-friendly and thus has an eco mode to limit energy use. The eco mode increases the lamp life from up to 4,000 hours to up to 10,000 hours. There's an auto-dimming function that makes the output dimmer after a certain time with no input to save energy. To make maintenance easier, the lamp and filter are designed to need replacing at the same time. Screens can range from 30 to 300 inches diagonally. It's designed to work with Apple devices. It does have a smaller projection distance than the other two projectors at 4.9 to 29.7 feet even taking into account its 1.6X zoom, but its lower price makes it more suitable for small businesses or classrooms. It does have a microphone and a built-in speaker and has the capability to project from a USB drive. It's been specifically designed to limit the risk of a rainbow effect when watching videos. Picture quality can be optimized by selecting from the six different picture modes and the three different brightness modes available.