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Milestone AV Technologies--Chief, Da-Lite, & Vaddio Spotlight

Thu 23, March 2017   AV News

Milestone AV Technologies is known around the world for the innovative audio-visual products the company sells. With more than 6,000 global customers ranging from original equipment manufacturers to home theater sales, the company has a reputation for its innovations and its responsiveness to its clients. Milestone sells several different types of products from various developers such as Chief, Da-Lite, and Vaddio. One of the premier companies Milestone supplies is the well-known online Projector SuperStore.

The Chief brand of audio-visual products includes mounts, racks and accessories among its numerous items. Chief Mounts available from Milestone include wall mounts that overcome the problems that arise related to speed, alignment and rigidity of the equipment. Traditional wall mounts, tilted mounts and ceiling mounts are available from which televisions or projectors can be hung or suspended. Innovative technology has cut the time it takes to install the mounts by nearly two-thirds, making these mounts a true value. The RPA-U Universal Inverted LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount, the best-selling mount in the AV industry, features easy installation and maintenance. It's simple to precisely line up the projector thanks to its independent roll, pitch and yaw adjustment capabilities. Chief's All-Points Security System is included in the mount's cost.

The Da-Lite Screen Company is known for its use of optical and chemical technology in creating screens for anything from electric and rear projection models to innovative interactive screens and integrated products. The Da-Lite Da-Snap fixed frame screen is one of the manufacturer's most popular products. The screen is versatile and can be customized easily thanks to the choice of wrap-around surfaces and curved frames. The Da-Snap offers either front or rear projection options and can be mounted in place with either snaps or Velcro. The screen's frame includes a special finish that helps minimize the light around the viewing area. In addition, the screen's backing is designed to retain the brightness projected onto the screen.

Vaddio Cameras offers audio-visual techs a top-of-the-line camera in the ConferenceSHOT 10 video conferencing camera. Previously marketed as the Conference ClearSHOT 10 US B, the ConferenceSHOT features simultaneous individual and streaming video at an even high quality than the older ClearSHOT provided. The ConferenceSHOT in particular is noted for its images of the highest quality, its accurate color reproduction and its ability to highlight fine detail. Users can control the ConferenceSHOT 10 easily thanks to its built-in web server and an IP port which includes an Ethernet port. The camera functions can be controlled by the user with any browser located anywhere around the globe, making the ConferenceSHOT a truly versatile piece of equipment.

Milestone AV is working closely with Projector SuperStore, an online audio-visual equipment store that has been in business for more than 20 years. The experts at the online AV store help guide customers in determining which type of technology will best reach his audience, whether that customer is a home theater equipment provider, a church or school, or a business with a number of remote access needs that requires up-to-date video conferencing tools.

Milestone AV Technologies headquarters is located near Minneapolis, with satellite offices in Chicago and other Midwestern cities. Businesses and organizations that know exactly what they need can order the equipment they want for quick delivery. Companies, schools, churches or non-profits that are just getting into videoconferencing and broadcasting will find that the design staff at Milestone can help them determine the best screens, mounts and accessories to meet their requirements. No matter whether the equipment is needed by a regional dealer who specializes in setting up home theater systems or by a non-profit organization opening a new office, Milestone stands ready to help with the best equipment, advice and service possible.