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The Optoma HD142X May Be The right Projector For That New Home Media Room

Thu 23, March 2017   Projectors

The heart of any well thought out home media room is the Home Theater Projector. There are home theaters that consist of a room with a large flat screen television, room darkening window shades, and some comfortable seating. These are fine for many families but they are not the real deal home theater that thousands of Americans dream of. The real home theater experience requires more thought and investment to achieve a more realistic theater experience. Special retailers such as the Projector SuperStore have online websites where the homeowner can search for the perfect equipment for a professional grade home theater room.

The Ideal Home Theater Room

The ideal home theater room looks like a miniature theater. The big difference is that the family does not have to compete with other theatergoers to enjoy movies, video games, musical performances and more. This is not a corner of the family room or living room. It is a room that is dedicated totally to viewing entertainment. The screen is larger than a television screen and a separate projector puts the entertainment on the screen. Screens can be up to ten foot + across or as small as 45 inches. The important thing is to fit the screen size to the room for best viewing. Separate speakers must be located for a surround sound experience. A projector such as the Optoma HD142X could be the one. The decor often mimics public theaters with dark walls, window drapes, and framed movie posters. There will be theater type seating with a goal of comfort. The number of seats will be determined by the room size and the average number of viewers. Many home theater rooms have small refrigerators or popcorn machines for convenient refreshments. Soundproofing walls and even ceilings can be yet another option.

Equipment Choices

The perfect projector can vary with the room size, viewer expectations, and use. The Optoma HD142X projector is a highly rated product that can sell for from $580.00 to over $600.00 depending on the source. This projector is rated highly for a relatively inexpensive high-definition projector. It has a very high-quality picture that covers the whole 120-inch maximum screen size. It has Full HD 1080p resolution. This projector is 3D-compatible and has a 5,000-hour lamp life. It is at the beginning level and so is rather bare bones compared to top priced projectors. The 3D feature requires viewers to wear 3D glasses. On the downside, this projector has fewer inputs at only two. There are no AV or PC inputs but there are HDMI inputs. It does have a menu that has a solid choice of picture modes and adjustments.

There are many different Optoma projectors to choose from including the Optoma HD142X, the Optoma HDCast Pro, the Optoma GT1080, the Optoma S341, and others. Each projector model has its own feature list and benefits. It is important to go to a site such as the Projector SuperStore to get a wide range of possibilities to compare at one time. The cost versus benefits study will help determine the correct projector for each home theater room. For more projector information, contact us today at Projector SuperStore!