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Introducing the Revolutionary Panasonic Space Player

Tue 28, February 2017   Projectors

Audiovisual projectors, especially those used in the home, can take many shapes and sizes these days. However, when it comes to something that has more commercial purposes, such as the Panasonic Space Player, the idea of the traditional projector is likely going to change. This ingenious commercial projector puts a new spin on what audiovisual project devices have been used for in the past and brings an exciting new function to something that was once primarily for replaying different types of media for entertainment or educational purposes.

A Departure from the Norm

The first thing to understand about this particular Light projector is that it is a rather stark departure from existing Panasonic Projectors. In fact, it is a significant departure from virtually any other type of projector on the market today. The reason for this is that this projector offers display capacities that make it similar to a decorative piece of lightning while incorporating aspects of a media player. In fact, the look of this projector is more like a modern-day piece of commercial lighting than a projector.

Important Specifications

From the standpoint of specifications, this projector offers a brightness of around 2000 lm, making it excellent for small display applications. It also provides a wide range of different resolution formats from standard resolution to high definition resolution of 1080p. In terms of connections, there are two HDMI connections with HDCP compatibility. It also offers USB ports for power, a standard RJ-45 connection as well as a dedicated SD card slot.

The Space Player comes equipped with a laser diode Class 2 bulb capable of providing up to 20,000 hours of use. The projection system also comes standard with a DLP projection chip providing quality processing for displaying images. The possible screen size can range from 30 inches to 200 inches.

A World of New Applications

While the specifications for this particular projector are impressive, what is perhaps even more impressive is the different use and applications this particular projector can provide. For more unique ambiance to a backdrop for a display window, or to perhaps project facts about a particular piece of artwork hanging in a museum, rather than fixed decorations, the Space Player can project elaborate backdrops, important facts and even something as detailed as a restaurant menu. In addition, this projector can be used to provide specialized lighting for a small display area as well as playing back various forms of media whether it's music, still images or videos.

A Compact and Lightweight Projector

Another benefit to the Space Player is its compact size. Many projectors with half of the Space Player's features would be rather large and heavy. Fortunately, this is an extremely compact unit making it very easy to place either in a temporary spot or for permanent installations without a great deal of effort.

Controlling the Space Player

Lastly, whether it's content management or simply operating the Space Player, software can easily be downloaded for Apple computers or Apple iPhones as well as Andriod applications to control the remotely. This makes for managing content or simply handling the everyday operations of this projector much easier.

With the new and innovative design, as well as the many applications of something such as the Space Player, it may be something that your business should consider investigating. Whether you're looking for new applications for projected images or a more compact video player, checking out the Panasonic Space Player, which is currently available at the Projector SuperStore, may be a good idea.