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The Top 3 Picks for Optoma in 2017

Mon 20, February 2017   Projectors

The heart of the dream home media room is the professional projector and everything that goes with it. The right projector, the correct screen, responsive controls, and lots of great speakers make up an unbeatable set up in any media room. Finish the room off with theater like colors and finishes with some movie or gaming posters and heaven is close. Comfortable gaming or movie watching chairs are also a must. Optoma Projectors meet many people's needs for a great media room experience. But where can you find them?

Finding Quality Projectors

Great movie and gaming projectors can be found at the Projector SuperStore. Though this retailer has many quality movie projectors of all sizes and types, three models stand out for their portability and performance. Though customers may want to check out many different models, please be sure to include these three models of Optoma Projectors in that final consideration.

  • The Optoma GT1080: This projector works with gaming, movie, photo sharing, and streaming videos applications. The screen sizes served by this projector are from 45.3 inches to 300 inches and the projection distance can be from 1.64 feet to 11 feet. It gives the viewer vivid, bright colors with 2,800 ANSI lumens. Since this model has a built-in speaker and 2 HDMI inputs, it is easy to set up and use. The owner can create a super-sized 100-inch image with this model positioned just over one metre from the screen or even a wall. Its features make it great for watching movies, sports, TV shows, or playing action-packed games. This projector can be turned into a smart projector by hooking it up to a smartphone or tablet. This projector can also come with full 3D support for use with compatible 3D content.
  • The Optoma S341: This reasonably priced projector is bright SVGA with 3500 ANSI lumens and easy connectivity. It gives up to 10,000 hours of lamp life. It is very portable and lightweight. The owner can use this projector at home and also transport it to the office to do video presentations. It is well designed for classrooms and meeting rooms in business settings. It is known for its low cost of operation and energy-saving features. This projector can be used with HDMI dongles like the Google Chromecast and an Optoma HDCast Pro. It can also work with a computer, laptop, or Blu-ray player. There is an optional carrying case to purchase.
  • The Optoma HD28DSE: This projector model is known for its supreme clarity, realism, and depth. It can be purchased as part of a package that can include a screen, 35 foot of HDMI cable, a dust cover, ceiling mounting kit, universal remotes, and an IR repeater. It boasts 3,000 ANSI lumens and 1.07 billion colors. It only weighs 5.7 pounds so it is easy to move around. The dimensions of 12.4 inches wide by 4.5 inches High, by 8.8 inches deep are easy to work with. This model comes with these items included: AC power cord, HD280DSE projector, remote control and batteries, lens cap, user's manual, quick start card, and warranty card. It has high user ratings on hometheaterreview.com. It has four corner adjustment to allow for quick and easy adjustment of trapezoidal images. It has a very generous 8,000 hours of lamp life in the bright+dynamic mode and boasts low maintenance and high performance. This is known to be the first home projector that is engineered to deliver the immersive experience in Xbox One and PS4 games. This projector can be used to share web pages, show movies, TV shows, sports, gaming, home videos, photo collections, and much more. It has excellent connectivity for smartphones, laptops, Roko streaming, Optoma's HDCast Pro, and more. There is also 3D setup available.

These three projectors and other high-quality models can deliver a theater-like movie experience in the comfort of one's home. Optoma projectors give the owner long life performance with energy efficiency and little maintenance. It is a good idea to have the home theater space updated electrically with electrical outlets near where the projector will be installed. Follow the installation and use instructions found in the user's manual carefully without cutting corners for the best results. Finally, sit down and enjoy this wonderful movie experience. For more information, contact us at Projector SuperStore today!