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Epson Delivers Upon Promise of New PowerLite Projectors

Wed 1, February 2017   Projectors,AV News

With all the enormous trade shows behind us, it’s time for manufacturing companies to deliver on their promises of the newest and finest. By announcing a variety of new PowerLite projectors, and Epson is certainly doing its part. There are ultra-short-throw versions, large-venue options, and several others in between, and we’ll allow you to determine which is most beneficial for your own company.

Ultra-short-throw projectors are ideal to be used in classrooms and small-to-medium-sized boardrooms; thanks to their short throw distances, surrounding light is less of an issue than with conventional projectors, so they don’t need to be quite as bright as their non-short-throw counterparts under the same circumstances. Three versions are available: the 675W, 680, & 685W.

The remaining new PowerLite models all feature a standard throw ratio, meaning that it’s neither throw, ultra- short throw, or long throw, but with 16 other available models, there’s quite a range to pick from. The 975W, for example, is geared toward use in moderate-sized, low light places 1785W, and 1795F are better for classrooms and little-to-moderate-sized boardrooms.