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LG Has Fixed the Problem of Ambient Light

Tue 10, January 2017   Projectors

Long gone are the grainy, drive-in movie theater quality projectors we once knew to be the ‘high definition’ pictures. Let’s be totally honest here, watching an old VHS compared to your regular cable channels can show you how far technology has come in the past 15 years. Even so, with all the miraculous advancements in how we watch our presentations at work or sporting events at home, there is always that one complaint: Light is washing out my picture.

Not anymore.

LG, an electronics company based out of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, has announced the ProBeam. This laser engine video projector is capable of putting out 2,000 lumens of brightness. The claim is this projector will maintain its color and image quality, even when displayed in a bright room. While this level of brightness is not the first of its kind, this lamp is more common in corporate meeting rooms than in the living room.

However, unlike the majority of business model projectors, the ProBeam has a more table-friendly build in place of the wide angled frame we have grown accustomed to. Not only can you place it on a shelf, desk or table for projection purposes, it only weighs 4.6 pounds. This compact projector is perfect to host outdoor movie nights or to invite people over on a sunny Sunday to watch the football game.

In addition to its ease of placement and light weight, the ProBeam features Bluetooth connectivity for speakers or headphones, allowing you the option of sharing your viewing experience or keeping it all to yourself.

The ProBeam uses LG’s cutting edge webOS software, frequently used in the company’s smart TVs, so you can stream your favorites from applications like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and any other of the streaming softwares available for download in your app store.

While prices have not been announced yet, it seems the ProBeam has been marketed more toward home and leisure use, driving the price down from the high end business models, but the expectation is they will still run a pretty penny. As with all quality AV equipment, though, it is worth the extra money to increase the level of picture quality.

The official release date is expected to be in either February or March 2017 with its pricing to come soon after. Keep a close eye out at your local audio video retailer.