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10 Bright Reasons to Switch to Laser Projection on Your Campus

Tue 12, April 2016   AV News

This whitepaper was made available by Sony and originally appeared on their website. To view the original document, click here. For more information, visit sony.com/laser.

Sony's 3LCD Z-Phosphor® laser projectors are the ideal choices for universities and schools, with fantastic picture quality, low running costs and up to 20,000 hours operation without changing your light source. Plus, there’s a lot that’s reassuringly familiar about their laser projectors. They’re built into the same standard chassis size as other Sony F Series projectors, with the same familiar connections and a friendly user interface. So your transition to laser is positively seamless. 

Here are ten great reasons to switch to Sony laser projectors on your campus-

1. Laser Lasts Longer

Nothing last forever – and ordinary projector lamps have the habit of lasting between 1,500 and 3,000 hours. Sony’s Z-Phosphor laser light source is rated for an estimated 20,000 hours of life. That’s equal to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year for ten years! (Actual hours may vary depending on usage environment.)

2. Stay Productive With Fewer Interruptions

Say goodbye to interruptions during lectures when a lamp fails. Laser’s far longer lifetime means there’s virtually no chance of disruption when you’re focused on getting that important point across to your class.

3. Less Hassle, Lower Ownership Costs

With no need to replace lamps, there’s no waste, which saves significant resources and cost. The True Laser light engine makes for major savings, compared to conventional lamp projectors. Consider the cost of lamp replacement. You can save $1,876 over the life of the projector (compared to Sony LMP-F272 replacement lamp at suggested retail price and recommended replacement intervals). You also save money on the labor cost of sending someone up the ladder to perform the lamp replacement. With laser it all adds up to significantly lower lifetime ownership costs compared with conventional lamp projectors.

4. Visibly Brilliant Pictures

Combining a laser light source with Sony’s BrightEra™ 3LCD engine creates natural color and exceptional brightness, at 1920 x 1200 high resolution. The system uses three micro displays with full-time simultaneous color, red plus green plus blue. There are no color breaking or rainbow effects on high-contrast images. The colors are uncommonly natural and bright. It’s a potent blend that delivers exceptionally bright, high contrast pictures with excellent color accuracy and stability 

5. Always Stays Bright, Never Fades

If you’re a seasoned user of conventional projectors, you’ll know that the lamp source fades over time, making presentations noticeably duller as the lamp ages. Sony laser projectors’ Constant Brightness feature allows the brightness to remain at a constant 3,000 lumens over the working lifetime (20,000 hours) of the laser light source. So every presentation maintains the same clear, bright, and beautiful images as the last.

6. No Waiting - Instant On and Off

Sony’s laser light source projectors turn on and off instantly, unlike conventional lamp projectors that need time to warm up and cool down, wasting valuable time in the lecture or that very important presentation. No waiting anymore.

7. Install It Any Way You Want

The laser light source in Sony Z-Phosphor projectors liberates you from the mounting angle limitations of conventional lamp projectors. These projectors offer complete freedom of installation angle: position the projector freely on an angle, on its side, or even upside down. You get 360° of tilt about the vertical axis or horizontal axis.

8. Mercury-Free

Sony laser projectors do away with the hazardous mercury that’s in conventional projector lamps, freeing you from the concerns and hassle of proper disposal of used lamps and eliminating toxic waste. In addition, you can avoid the risk of mercury contamination caused by a broken mercury lamp.

9. Cleaner And Greener

With lots of energy-saving features built in, the Sony laser light source projectors are kinder on the environment. And as well as helping our planet, you’ll be grateful for the savings in electricity bills.

10. Your Dependable Choice, Today and Tomorrow

Sony’s Z-phosphor laser light source projectors are made to last. Exceptional reliability is designed into every Sony projector, ensuring extra peace of mind when your school depends on great-looking presentations. Today and tomorrow, laser gives you superb performance plus the reassurance of a futureproofed solution that’s with you for the long term. Plus, should something go wrong, each projector comes with five (5) years or 12,000 hours Limited Product Warranty, whichever occurs first. There is also an OnTime-Support (OTS) Loaner Unit available during 1st year after product purchase.

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This whitepaper was made available by Sony and originally appeared on their website. To view the original document, click here. For more information, visit sony.com/laser.