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Dukane Provides New Possibilities in Projection for Large Venue Applications

Wed 10, February 2016   AV News

Traditional ultra short throw projectors have changed the game in classrooms and conference rooms where presenters want to stand near the projected image without casting a shadow on the screen.

But what about those ultra short throw applications where a larger than 100" diagonal image is required and you just don't have the space? You know those applications where even an installation series projector with the shortest optional 1:1 short throw lens isn't short enough?

Now you have a solution with Dukane's FL-910 lens and their 9000 series projectors! Project a crystal clear image up to 350" diagonal with a 0.4:1 lens allowing you to mount the projector less than 10' from the screen. This innovative new ultra short throw lens option is another game changer for those previously impossible applications. You either have it or you don't.

Have Questions? Contact us at 888-525-6696 to see if this would work in your next installation!