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Projector Central Reviews Sony VPL-HW65ES Home Theater Projector

Fri 11, December 2015   Projectors,Reviews

Sony's newest Home Theater projector gets an extensive review by Projector Central, and here is a sample:

"The Sony VPL-HW65ES is the latest in a series of high performance 1080p home theater projectors, replacing the VPL-HW55ES which was released two years ago. Like its predecessor it is priced at $3,999, but it offers some improvements including a more robust Reality Creation processor that has been brought down from Sony's more expensive 4K products, and several changes in interface such as the addition of IP control, USB update capability, and RF sync for 3D instead of IR. Gaming fans will be happy to hear that, though the HW55ES was fast with an input lag of 27 ms, the HW65ES is faster still, coming in at a very rapid 21 ms. It is slightly brighter than the HW55ES and the analog inputs have been removed. Overall, the HW65ES is an incrementally refined version of the HW55. But that is no surprise. The HW55ES was an excellent projector in its own right, and from the performance standard set by the HW55ES, there is little headroom for revolutionary improvements in 1080p technology."

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