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Vaddio Launches the New DocCAM 20 HDBT

Vaddio has launched the DocCAM 20 HDBT Camera, a new high definition, recessed in-ceiling overhead document camera which features 20x optical zoom and high-definition 1080p/60Hz resolution.

Tue 19, December 2017   AV News

Collaborative Work-space - New Year, New Equipment!

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the concepts behind the collaborative workspace. What are some of the hottest collaboration equipment innovations for the New Year of 2018? What AV technology can you simply not live without?

Fri 15, December 2017   AV News

Epson's Effective Ways To Utilize Virtual Reality/AR In Education

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the possibilities behind Virtual and Augmented reality in education. Epson covers this subject perfectly, and Projector SuperStore has noticed.

Fri 24, November 2017   AV News

What Are Distance Learning Tools?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, by the year 2020 it’s projected that 20% of undergraduate students will have received as much as four-fifths of their education online.

Thu 19, October 2017   AV News

The Power Behind Epson and Optoma

Two powerhouse performance projection companies are, in fact, Optoma and Epson. For years these two companies have been releasing new projectors with all new features. We have been blown away by these two companies time and time again.

Thu 21, September 2017   Projectors

Church Songs Your Congregation Can Sing Too

When done right, projecting church hymns on a screen can enrich the worship and breathe new life into hymns that we have sung for years. If you take the time to prepare the technology and utilize it in the correct manner, it will be of immense value and

Fri 15, September 2017   Projectors

Focus On Installation Speed With The Chief CMS-445 Speed-Connect Replacement Ceiling Tile Kit

The Chief CMS-445 Speed-Connect Replacement Ceiling Tile Kit focuses on speed of installation. The Speed-Connect Series was designed as an upgrade to the popular CMA Series of ceiling mount accessories.

Fri 8, September 2017   AV News

Vaddio Unveils New OneLink Bridge AV Interface

Vaddio has combined camera extension systems with USB bridging functionality – making it easy to create a USB media stream for popular PC software applications

Fri 8, September 2017   AV News

Laser Projector Technology Becoming Mainstream

Laser technology in projectors is approaching mainstream. Brighter, sharper pictures with lower maintenance costs are promised. But will these latest 4K laser projectors tempt cinema owners enough to upgrade their existing set-ups?

Wed 6, September 2017   AV News

NEC Extends Its InstaCare Repair-or-Replace Program

NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., a leading provider of commercial projectors and LCD displays, today announced that starting September 1, 2017, it will increase the duration of its Advanced Replacement Program...

Fri 1, September 2017   AV News

Optoma Helps Team Roam Free at MediaCityUK

Optoma provides - The bright EH200ST was chosen for the installation due to its HD 1080p resolution, its short throw lens and low price.

Thu 31, August 2017   AV News

The Might of Milestone - Spotlight

Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg, Russia, has 14 educational buildings with varying requirements. Conference halls and Roman auditoriums are used for events and for education.

Thu 31, August 2017   AV News

Epson Introduces PowerLite 1200-Series Wireless and Portable Projectors

“Epson continues to lead the meeting room projector industry segment through constant technology innovation at every price point,” said Remi Del Mar, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc.

Thu 17, August 2017   AV News

Projecting Into The Future - Laser Projectors

Sony recently unveiled its first 4K laser phosphor projector. The new SRX-R800 Series is High Dynamic Range (HDR)-ready. It’s also offered as a dual projection system for high-brightness images on large screens with smooth 3D.

Tue 1, August 2017   Projectors

Schools Use Av Technology For Higher Learning Impact

In today’s modern age, where technology encompasses our surroundings, students are receiving lessons through pieces of technology now more than ever. Schools use AV Technology to get messages across and aid in lesson plans.

Mon 31, July 2017   AV News

Why You Should Be Working At A Standing Desk

Standing desks allow for a revolution to happen in the workplace, no more sitting! Say goodbye to sedentary and hello to healthy! Projector SuperStore offers multiple forms of standing desks, with various price options as well.

Thu 8, June 2017   Reviews

What You Need to Know About a Short Throw Lens

A short throw projector can be used in small spaces because the lens allows the projector to be close to the screen while still emitting excellent image quality and clarity.

Tue 30, May 2017   Projectors

10 Bright Reasons to Switch to Laser Projection on Your Campus

Sony's 3LCD Z-Phosphor® laser projectors are the ideal choices for universities and schools, with fantastic picture quality, low running costs and up to 20,000 hours operation without changing your light source.

Fri 12, May 2017   AV News

To Get The Best Picture, How Bright Should My Projector Be?

Having all the comforts of home makes it even better than a theater. The only problem left is to get the picture just right.

Mon 8, May 2017   How-To

Which Projector Screen Is Right For My Home Theater?

Every home theater needs a home theater projector and a great projector screen. But, which projector screen is right for my home theater?

Mon 8, May 2017   How-To

Thinking of Shopping Conference Room Projectors?

If you have been struggling to find the best projector for the conference room in your building, then there are large numbers of top-quality conference room projectors available today at Projector SuperStore.

Wed 19, April 2017   Projectors

Why A Sony Laser Projector?

The WUXGA resolution Sony VPL-PHZ10 laser projector is billed as the first affordable laser projectors for business and education. Sony laser projectors make them a serious player in the education marketplace, especially higher ed and specialty and museu

Sat 15, April 2017   AV News

Finding the Right Projector: The Best Projectors By Brand

The right projector can make a presentation better, whether it's in a classroom or a boardroom. However, with all the options available it's hard to narrow down just which one to purchase. Comparing the Best Projectors by Brand may help!

Fri 24, March 2017   Projectors

Milestone AV Technologies--Chief, Da-Lite, & Vaddio Spotlight

Companies, schools, churches or non-profits that are just getting into videoconferencing and broadcasting will find that the design staff at Milestone can help them determine the best screens, mounts and accessories to meet their requirements.

Thu 23, March 2017   AV News

The Optoma HD142X May Be The right Projector For That New Home Media Room

The perfect projector can vary with the room size, viewer expectations, and use. This projector is rated highly for a relatively inexpensive high-definition projector.

Thu 23, March 2017   Projectors

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