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NEC MultiSync E245WMi is an LED-Backlit Desktop Monitor Ideal for Corporate Environments

To spruce up your office space, and to add a flair of sophistication, you might want to get this 24-inch desktop monitor. This widescreen aims to boost your work performance.

Wed 30, May 2018   Projectors

Vaddio Brings Sophisticated Technology Within Everyone's Reach

Vaddio PTZ cameras are the security cameras that capture high-quality video footage often used for surveillance purposes at different angles.

Wed 30, May 2018   Press Releases

The Chief RPA-U Projector Ceiling Mount Provides Exceptional Viewing

Chief RPA-U Universal Projector Mount is a must have for anyone using or planning to get an inverted projector for home, schools, or office use.

Wed 30, May 2018   Projectors

Optoma HDCast-PRO a Powerful and Versatile 1080p HDMI MHL

A multimedia device that streams in HD (1080p), this Optoma HDCast-PRO could be what you have been missing for the seamless wireless streaming capabilities of your display monitor or projector.

Wed 30, May 2018   AV News

Sony Lumens WUXGA The Optimal Projector for a Multitude of Environments

The VPL-FHZ57 laser projector is ideal for a wide range of business, education and entertainment applications.

Tue 29, May 2018   Projectors

Importance of AV Integration In The Early Stages of Design

More businesses are incorporating AV systems in their buildings. It is one of the contributors to the growth of the global display market which is forecasted to be worth around $169 billion by 2022. As a result, AV design is no longer an afterthought.

Mon 19, March 2018   AV News

Sony Expands Laser Projector Line with Five New Models

Ideal for Education, Corporate, Faith & Museum Delivering Ease of Use, Vibrant Color and Increased Brightness Options from 4,200 to 12,000 lumens

Tue 6, March 2018   AV News

Optoma UHZ65 Projector Review

Optoma is a renowned and well respected manufacturer of projectors with various models to their name. In fact Optoma is the number one 4K UHD brand in home theater projectors. The new Optoma UHZ65 harnesses the very latests in laser technology....

Mon 5, March 2018   AV News,Reviews

Epson Announced the World's First 12000 Lumen 4K Projector

Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, today announced the world's first 12,000 lumen native 4K 3LCD laser projector, the Pro L12000Q.

Tue 6, February 2018   Projectors,AV News

Vaddio, The Art of Easy

Vaddio's commitment to building innovative solutions that solve real-world problems can be seen in all of their PTZ cameras and control systems, professional-grade unified communications and collaboration products and pro av tools.

Thu 25, January 2018   AV News

NEC's Groundbreaking News From Tokyo, Japan

Yesterday (1/18/18), NEC announced the presentation of technologies and solutions for working together with telecom carriers in the co-creation of new business models and the implementation of 5G solutions at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018.

Fri 19, January 2018   AV News

ViewSonic Expansion: New Laser Commercial Projector & New Pico Projector

Bright and versatile, the LS800HD and LS800WU are loaded with features that make them ideal installation projectors for education and business applications in larger venues. Read more about ViewSonic's new projectors here.

Fri 19, January 2018   AV News

Vaddio - The Art of Easy

Vaddio controls the professional camera game. When it comes to panning, zooming and tilting, Vaddio has done HD camera's the right way.

Wed 17, January 2018   AV News

Optoma vs Epson in 2018

Optoma Projectors and Epson Projectors have both individually taken leadership roles in the professional AV integration game. What is expected from these industry leaders during this New Year? Find out in this article.

Wed 17, January 2018   AV News,Reviews

It's Always Better In The Da-Lite

The Da-lite Screen Company is recognized globally as a leader in quality, innovation, and value. With a company history dating back to 1909, Da-lite's longevity in the industry is a testament to their commitment to product quality and customer service.

Wed 17, January 2018   AV News,Press Releases

The Chief of Everything: AV Accessories

If you work in the field, you know just how important attention to detail can be when it comes to AV installations. At Projector SuperStore, we aim to make your life as easy as possible. At Chief, our partner's products come w/ installation guides & more

Wed 17, January 2018   Press Releases

Sony at CES 2018: Product Spotlight

Sony had a 'larger than life' presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, in Las Vegas, USA. Sony is constantly battling large-name companies like NEC, Optoma & Canon for their recent product advancements.

Mon 15, January 2018   AV News

The Global Projection Screen Marketing 2017 Top Players

Da-Lite projection screens lead the pack. Da Lite Screens have been providing a quality product for over 100 years and can be counted on to meet your expectations whatever your needs may be.

Wed 20, December 2017   AV News

Vaddio Launches the New DocCAM 20 HDBT

Vaddio has launched the DocCAM 20 HDBT Camera, a new high definition, recessed in-ceiling overhead document camera which features 20x optical zoom and high-definition 1080p/60Hz resolution.

Tue 19, December 2017   AV News

Collaborative Work-space - New Year, New Equipment!

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the concepts behind the collaborative workspace. What are some of the hottest collaboration equipment innovations for the New Year of 2018? What AV technology can you simply not live without?

Fri 15, December 2017   AV News

Epson's Effective Ways To Utilize Virtual Reality/AR In Education

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the possibilities behind Virtual and Augmented reality in education. Epson covers this subject perfectly, and Projector SuperStore has noticed.

Fri 24, November 2017   AV News

What Are Distance Learning Tools?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, by the year 2020 it’s projected that 20% of undergraduate students will have received as much as four-fifths of their education online.

Thu 19, October 2017   AV News

The Power Behind Epson and Optoma

Two powerhouse performance projection companies are, in fact, Optoma and Epson. For years these two companies have been releasing new projectors with all new features. We have been blown away by these two companies time and time again.

Thu 21, September 2017   Projectors

Church Songs Your Congregation Can Sing Too

When done right, projecting church hymns on a screen can enrich the worship and breathe new life into hymns that we have sung for years. If you take the time to prepare the technology and utilize it in the correct manner, it will be of immense value and

Fri 15, September 2017   Projectors

Focus On Installation Speed With The Chief CMS-445 Speed-Connect Replacement Ceiling Tile Kit

The Chief CMS-445 Speed-Connect Replacement Ceiling Tile Kit focuses on speed of installation. The Speed-Connect Series was designed as an upgrade to the popular CMA Series of ceiling mount accessories.

Fri 8, September 2017   AV News

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