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Projector SuperStore Proudly Announces Optoma as Featured Brand

Along with standard model projectors that compete with top brands, we also have the iPod compatible items such as the Optoma Pico PK120 Pico Projector and iPod Connection Kit. For gamers, the Full 720p 3D Gaming Projector is a special treat.

Mon 23, November 2015   Press Releases

Tips For Choosing Portable Sound Systems For Any Event

Are you looking for a new portable sound system for your event? Check out these tips.

Fri 6, November 2015   How-To

Projector Review: BenQ HT3050 and HT2050 Home Theater Projectors

BenQ has developed a solid reputation for producing inexpensive home theater projectors that deliver impressive quality for the money. The HT3050 and HT2050 will enhance that reputation even further.

Fri 30, October 2015   Reviews

Projectors Brighten Worship: Illuminating the AV Needs of Your Service

Whether your house of worship is purchasing projectors for the first time or replacing aging equipment, learn how to choose technology that is proven, cost-effective and easy to integrate into your spiritual services.

Thu 29, October 2015   AV News

Revolabs Announces Ultra-Wideband Echo Cancellation for FLX™ UC Conference Phones

The improved echo cancellation allows the microphones to match the performance of the dual-speaker system in the FLX UC product line, creating a robust, high-performance audio platform for unified communications that allows users to hear every word.

Thu 15, October 2015   AV News

Projector Review: Optoma HD28DSE 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D Home Theater Projector

The HD28DSE is a formidable new entry in the hotly competitive entry level home theater niche. It weighs under 6 lbs and sports an onboard speaker, so it is usable for both home theater and transportable applications.

Thu 8, October 2015   Reviews

Product Review: Optoma NuForce NE750M and NE800M Earphones

Both of these offerings have a clean sound and should satisfy listeners looking to step up from the atrocious offerings that come bundled with most smartphones.

Thu 17, September 2015   Reviews

Projector Review: Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p Home Theater Projector

At just $799, the Home Cinema 2040 from Epson is a great little projector and a solid value for movies, games, television, and anything else you can think of.

Thu 3, September 2015   Reviews

Projector Review: NEC NP-V302H 1080p DLP Projector for Business and Education

In a market full of "me-too" projectors all clamoring for a slice of market share, the folks at NEC have done something remarkable. The NEC NP-V302H feels new and different.

Thu 20, August 2015   Reviews

Projector Review: InFocus IN119HDx 1080p DLP Presentation Projector

The InFocus IN119HDx is a new low-cost 1080p projector for business and education. With a compact design, bright picture, and long estimated lamp life, the IN119HDx is a flexible projector that works well in conference rooms and classrooms.

Fri 14, August 2015   Reviews

NEC Display Adds WXGA, 1080p Laser Phosphor Projectors to P-Series Portfolio

The NEC P502WL, P502HL Models Are Smallest 5,000-Lumen Laser Projectors on the Market.

Wed 12, August 2015   Projectors

Projector Review: Canon REALiS WUX500 Projector

The Canon WUX500 is a solid new offering in high brightness, relatively compact WUXGA projectors. The long 1.8x zoom provides a key competitive advantage in that it does not lose up to 40% of its light at the long end.

Thu 30, July 2015   Reviews

Top 10 Portable Projectors

Portable projectors give you the perfect combination of form and function, ensuring that your presentation will be seen clearly and effectively, and that travel between presentations is a breeze. Here are a few of our favorite models to choose from!

Tue 28, July 2015   Projectors

Top Projectors for Worship Spaces

Choosing a projector for a House of Worship can be difficult. Here's a list of a few current projectors that are perfect for that application.

Fri 10, July 2015   Projectors

Projector Review: Optoma HD37 Home Theater Projector

Most important is that the HD37 does the basics well. The impressively good image quality for the price is enough by itself to make it a solid choice for entry level home theater.

Mon 29, June 2015   Reviews

Input Lag and Projectors for Gaming: What it is and Why You Should Care

While lag cannot be eliminated, reducing it is key to a great gaming experience.

Wed 24, June 2015   Projectors

Casio's LampFree® Projectors Reach New Heights on the International Space Station

Signature XJ-M256 Used for Onboard Training, Video Conferencing and Entertainment

Wed 17, June 2015   Projectors

Big Screen Summertime Celebrations under the Stars with Epson Home Cinema

Transform the Backyard into the Ultimate Movie Night Experience with the Epson Home Cinema 730HD

Mon 15, June 2015   AV News

NEC Display Brings HD Resolution to Ultra-Short Throw Projector Category

The Bright 3,200-Lumen 1080p NP-U321H Projector is Ideal for Classrooms and Training Facilities

Fri 12, June 2015   Projectors

NEC Display Solutions Adds 3,000-Lumen Portable HD Digital Projector to V Series Lineup

Keystone Correction, Broad Connectivity Options Complement New Chassis in V302H Projector

Thu 14, May 2015   Projectors

Projector Review: Optoma HD50 Home Theater Projector

The Optoma HD50 home theater projector delivers magnificent quality video with an sharp HD 1080p image with crisp details, perfectly balanced color and judder-free motion with Optoma’s exclusive Pure Engine technology.

Fri 8, May 2015   Reviews

Epson Expands Large Venue Projector Lineup with PowerLite 4770W

New Model Delivers Advanced Connectivity, Crisp Image Quality and High Brightness at an Affordable Price

Tue 5, May 2015   Projectors

Projector Review: Casio EcoLite XJ-V1 Review DLP XGA Classroom Projector

The Casio XJ-V1 combines the low maintenance of a hybrid light engine with the affordability of an XGA projector to create a product that's perfect for boardrooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, and anywhere you need a bright image on a tight budget.

Fri 1, May 2015   Reviews

New Fusion vs Old Fusion

Watch this comparison video to see how the new Chief Fusion mounts stack up against the old Fusion mounts.

Wed 29, April 2015   AV News

NEC Display Solutions Announces Latest Laser Projector "Game Changer" for Digital Cinema

The NEC NC1201L Projector Delivers High-Quality Cinema Projection for Modestly Sized Theaters

Thu 23, April 2015   Projectors

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