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LG Has Fixed the Problem of Ambient Light

The new ProBeam projectors will maintain their color and image quality, even when displayed in a bright room. While this level of brightness is not the first of its kind, this lamp is more common in corporate meeting rooms than in the living room.

Tue 10, January 2017   Projectors

A Night at the Movies with the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3700

When we are watching anything from our home televisions to the screens at the movies, we find ourselves wanting sharper, brighter pictures. The 3700 is an exception to that rule.

Tue 10, January 2017   Projectors,Reviews

Experience the Magic of a Movie Theater in Your Home with Stewart Luxus Deluxe Screenwall W/ FireHawk G3

Viewing a movie the way it was originally intended is the best way to experience any movie. A home theater provides that option. However, large projector screens have many other uses, as well.

Wed 28, December 2016   Reviews,How-To

Introducing the Epson PowerLite 975W Projector

From every aspect, this classroom projector offers more than virtually any other projector available on the market today.

Mon 19, December 2016   AV News

The 5 Best Short Throw Projectors of 2016

This year, a Short Throw Projector is showing up at the top of many people's "must-have" lists. The primary reason for their popularity, of course, is their ability to project a large picture when the projector is located 3 feet or less from the screen.

Tue 1, November 2016   Projectors

Guide for Choosing a Gaming Projector for your Home

Take your time if you're looking through the options for the best gaming projector 2016 that's available. You're going to be sure to find one you'll love if you follow our advice and listen to our tips. Go get your game on!

Tue 1, November 2016   Projectors,How-To

Why You Ought to Take a Closer Look at Grandview Screens

Educational settings, home theaters, corporate boardrooms, commercial movie theaters, convention centers, entertainment venues, bars and restaurants, and Houses of Worship are a few examples of where we can find Grandview Screens in use.

Mon 31, October 2016   Projectors,Reviews

Tips on Selecting the Best Portable Projector in 2016

Nothing will make a family happier than setting up a home theater using a Portable Projector. Business men and women carry small projectors in their briefcases so that they are always prepared to make a presentation to potential clients.

Mon 31, October 2016   Projectors,How-To

Chalkboard Projectors in the Classroom

While projectors have been used in the classroom for years, recent improvements in interactive projector technology are making them more versatile and in greater demand than ever before.

Fri 28, October 2016   Projectors,AV News

Showcasing the Upcoming New Epson Powerlite 2000 Series

The PowerLite 2000-Series will be available in January 2017. Epson’s projectors come backed by a 3 years limited warranty which includes a Road Service projector replacement program with projector exchange.

Fri 28, October 2016   Projectors,AV News

The Best Projector Lineup from 2016

It’s true projectors have come a long way from the overhead projectors of our elementary school days. Which ones are at the top of the class in 2016?

Fri 28, October 2016   Projectors

Turning Light Sockets into LCD Projectors

Now, the same sockets which provide light to your rooms can also provide entertainment onto any flat surface in your home. How? The answer is one simple word: Beam.

Fri 28, October 2016   AV News

How to Properly Install a Projector Mount

Smart homeowners are installing their projector system on their own. For the best experience, projector owners are going to want a high-quality Projector Mount and a large Projector Screen to match. Having the right mount is vastly important.

Thu 20, October 2016   How-To

Why does that projector cost more? A glimpse at Native Resolutions

When it comes to resolution, common knowledge gives people 720P, 1080P, or even 4K when shopping for televisions, so they have a comparison, however, projector resolution is quite different.

Tue 11, October 2016   Projectors,How-To

Learn About the Benefits of Short Throw Projectors for Home Theater

When it comes to short throw projectors and ultra-short throw projectors, the options available allow any homeowner, no matter the size of their home theater space, to find a projector that's going to work for their custom setup.

Wed 28, September 2016   Projectors

Hectic Headphones & Earphones

Whether it be winding down after a long day to some Pink Floyd, or fixating myself on tasks at work to some EDM, a superior pair of headphones will aid greatly.

Thu 18, August 2016   Reviews

What Makes a Great Home Theater Projector?

If you’ve ever wished you could bring the theater home with you, consider a Home Theater Projector. Projectors make it possible to create images significantly larger than the biggest tvs on the market, bringing the immersion of the big screen into your l

Thu 7, July 2016   Projectors,How-To

Five (Extremely) Useful Tips on Caring for Your Projector

Taking the appropriate steps in cleaning and properly functioning your projector is the best way to extend your usage of the unit.

Wed 25, May 2016   Projectors,How-To

How to Extend your Projector's Lamp Life to get a Lower Cost of Ownership

Here are a few helpful hints to prolong the life of the projector lamp that can save you both hassle and money.

Wed 25, May 2016   Lamps,How-To

Sony’s New Laser Projectors Deliver Image Quality in the “Sweet-spot” Brightness Range with Quietest Operation in its Class

New Models Expand Sony’s Laser Line-up to 9 Models

Tue 26, April 2016   AV News

Projector Review: NEC NP-M353WS Short Throw Projector

NEC has introduced a short-throw projector that has it all. The M353WS puts up excellent data and video images and gives the presenter full control over the image settings. Virtually all inputs are accommodated including HDMI/MHL, and more!

Mon 25, April 2016   Reviews

InFocus Training: Casting to LiteShow 4 from an iOS or Android Device

InFocus Training Services brings you a tutorial about casting content from your iOS device (such as an iPad) or an Android device to a display or projector connected to an InFocus LiteShow 4 wireless presentation adapter.

Fri 22, April 2016   How-To

Revolabs Examines the Relationship Between Stress and Conference Calls in the Workplace

With today’s technology and their dedication to sound quality and clarity over the years, Revolabs pride themselves in delivering the best and highest quality sound for conferencing needs in a variety of environments.

Wed 20, April 2016   AV News

Projector Review: Viewsonic LightStream Pro7827HD Home Theater Projector

The ViewSonic Pro7827HD is one of the more impressive home entertainment projectors in its price range. Along with 1080p resolution and full 3D support, it delivers excellent color quality, fewer rainbow artifacts, and gets a solid 5 stars for value!

Fri 15, April 2016   Reviews

5 Benefits Of Teaching With An Interactive Projector

Having never known a world without laptops and smartphones, today’s children are digital natives. By welcoming technology into the classroom, teachers can take advantage of this —benefitting from increased engagement and better learning retention.

Wed 13, April 2016   AV News

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