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Five (Extremely) Useful Tips on Caring for Your Projector

Taking the appropriate steps in cleaning and properly functioning your projector is the best way to extend your usage of the unit.

Wed 25, May 2016   Projectors,How-To

How to Extend your Projector's Lamp Life to get a Lower Cost of Ownership

Here are a few helpful hints to prolong the life of the projector lamp that can save you both hassle and money.

Wed 25, May 2016   Lamps,How-To

Sony’s New Laser Projectors Deliver Image Quality in the “Sweet-spot” Brightness Range with Quietest Operation in its Class

New Models Expand Sony’s Laser Line-up to 9 Models

Tue 26, April 2016   AV News

Projector Review: NEC NP-M353WS Short Throw Projector

NEC has introduced a short-throw projector that has it all. The M353WS puts up excellent data and video images and gives the presenter full control over the image settings. Virtually all inputs are accommodated including HDMI/MHL, and more!

Mon 25, April 2016   Reviews

InFocus Training: Casting to LiteShow 4 from an iOS or Android Device

InFocus Training Services brings you a tutorial about casting content from your iOS device (such as an iPad) or an Android device to a display or projector connected to an InFocus LiteShow 4 wireless presentation adapter.

Fri 22, April 2016   How-To

Revolabs Examines the Relationship Between Stress and Conference Calls in the Workplace

With today’s technology and their dedication to sound quality and clarity over the years, Revolabs pride themselves in delivering the best and highest quality sound for conferencing needs in a variety of environments.

Wed 20, April 2016   AV News

Projector Review: Viewsonic LightStream Pro7827HD Home Theater Projector

The ViewSonic Pro7827HD is one of the more impressive home entertainment projectors in its price range. Along with 1080p resolution and full 3D support, it delivers excellent color quality, fewer rainbow artifacts, and gets a solid 5 stars for value!

Fri 15, April 2016   Reviews

5 Benefits Of Teaching With An Interactive Projector

Having never known a world without laptops and smartphones, today’s children are digital natives. By welcoming technology into the classroom, teachers can take advantage of this —benefitting from increased engagement and better learning retention.

Wed 13, April 2016   AV News

10 Bright Reasons to Switch to Laser Projection on Your Campus

Sony's 3LCD Z-Phosphor® laser projectors are the ideal choices for universities and schools, with fantastic picture quality, low running costs and up to 20,000 hours operation without changing your light source.

Tue 12, April 2016   AV News

NEC Display's New VE Series Portable Projectors Ideal For Mid-Sized Meeting Rooms, Classrooms with Heavy Ambient Lighting

Affordable Projectors Let Users Easily Replace Lamps; New Cabinet Designs, Improved Brightness and Contrast, HDMI 3D Display Debut

Wed 6, April 2016   AV News

Comprehensive Introduces New HDMI Switchers - Connect Multiple HD Sources to a Single Display with Less Clutter

Comprehensive’s series of high performance HDMI Switchers allows the capability for a HDMI signal from any three or five sources to be routed to and projected on a single HDMI display.

Tue 5, April 2016   AV News

Kramer Prepares for Future of 4K Content with Release of 4K@60 4:4:4 Switcher

The VS-211H2 Offers 18 Gbps of Bandwidth, a Clock Rate of 600 MHz and HDCP 2.2 Compatibility

Thu 31, March 2016   AV News

How to Select a Projector for Your Church

We know this process can be a bit overwhelming and that at times, even knowing where to start isn’t easy. Our team is here to help with that.

Fri 25, March 2016   How-To

Projector Review: Casio XJ-V2 EcoLite Series XGA Lamp-Free Projector

The Casio XJ-V2 might very well be the smartest long term solution for your classrooms or conference rooms. It is a beautiful projector with an appealing design, that will also appeal to anyone who gives extra points for ecologically-friendly features.

Thu 17, March 2016   Reviews

A Projection Screen To Enhance The Architecture, Not Hide It.

Wireline™ Advantage® Eliminates Black Drop and the Compromise.

Wed 16, March 2016   AV News

Experience Education with Chief and Da-Lite

Supporting Education Technology for 100+ Years!

Mon 14, March 2016   AV News

Joe Cornwall's Epson BrightLink Pro Experience

"I wasn't prepared for how easy it would be to use and how quickly I'd come to depend on it. " Technology Evangelist Joe Cornwall shares his personal experience using Epson's BrightLink Pro Collaborative Whiteboarding Solution.

Wed 2, March 2016   AV News

What to Look for When Purchasing a Business Projector

Careful assessment of display requirements and the projector features outlined above will help ensure a good fit, with the lasting performance to support your business needs and ability to effectively deliver information.

Tue 1, March 2016   How-To

Proxima Displays, Inc. Unveils High Resolution WUXGA LCD Projector

Building on the success of its predecessor M1020W, the next generation M1030U adds to the already successful line of conference room and large venue projectors introduced by Proxima Displays Inc.

Fri 26, February 2016   AV News

Headphones, Headphones, Headphones!

At Projector SuperStore, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products. This applies to headphones too.

Mon 22, February 2016   Reviews

Casio Introduces Seven New Affordable LampFree® Projectors

New Models will Feature 1.5X Optical Zoom and Provide Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Wed 17, February 2016   AV News

Dukane Provides New Possibilities in Projection for Large Venue Applications

Project a crystal clear image up to 350" diagonal with a 0.4:1 lens allowing you to mount the projector less than 10' from the screen.

Wed 10, February 2016   AV News

Epson Targets No. 1 Position in Laser-Phosphor Projectors

New Pro L-Series Features Seven Models Delivering Up to 25,000 Lumens

Tue 9, February 2016   AV News

Fusion LWM Series Menu Board Wall Mounts

Chief's Fusion Series LWM mounts are engineered to solve real world installation challenges.

Thu 28, January 2016   AV News

Da-Lite Screens Safety Standards

Have you ever wondered how the products around you impact the air you breathe? Even at low levels, exposure to indoor air pollutants can cause adverse health effects.

Mon 25, January 2016   AV News

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