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Tavia, we hooked up the new projector for worship today at Dixie Baptist and it was a big hit - excellent resolution and worked a treat right out of the box. And such a huge improvement over our customary low tech overheads on acetate. In February we'll extend the usage of the projector to our new ESL program for recent immigrants (the Toronto area is a magnet for offshore arrivals). Thanks again for your asistance. Best regards, Richard

Toronto, Canada

When I told you that I was confident with your company, I really meant that. Jeff, Carl, and Anne have each demonstrated their dedication, attention to detail, ability to listen to the customer, conflict resolution ability and overall sincerity for a professionally done job that I could not let such wonderful things go unappreciated.
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Michelle Hagen
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc & Identity Theft Shie

Once again, you've come through for me!

Thanks for going the extra step to make sure I recieved my replacement lamp on Saturday for my Panasonic AE700 projector. It certainly made NFL Kick-Off Sunday more enjoyable. You're knowledge of products, attention to detail, and focus on customer service will keep me coming back to Projector Superstore for my video needs.

Keep up the good work.

Adobe Systems Incorporated
McLean, VA

Jeff at Projector Superstore is among the best sales person I have ever worked with. Secondly, I have not found a better price on projectors anywhere especially on their specials and demo models. We have bought 3 projectors from them sincce 2003 and never had a problem. I will not buy from anyone else. We have saved thousands of dollars for our church, highly recommended!!

Steve Robinson
Rhode Island

Carl - Just wanted to "report in" that the whole church is pleased with our new projector. Thanks for all your help with this project.

Pastor Steve Osborn

Dear Carl,
Thanks for the service. The Panasonic so far has exceeded my expectations. The image fills the screen beautifully in 16:9 (in 4:3 for cinemascope) is crystal clear, bright and colorful. We are running the sound through our Dolby cinema processors. It is not the same array of separation as from film, but it is more than passable. Very shortly I look to purchasing a second one from you. A colleague will be coming to visit me at the theatre who runs a not-for-profit theatre. I will show it to him.

Arnold Gorlick

Jeff, I wanted to follow up with you and let you know how pleased I am with my new Panasonic 50" Plasma that I received on Tuesday. When I ordered the TV I thought it would have arrived a little sooner, however, working for a manufacturer myself I understand production dates get changed and you all do not have anything to do with that.

I found out about your company through the internet. In many purchases through the internet you receive varying degrees of information. In dealing with you I received very accurate and up to date information. When you said you would call you did. You told me that you would ship the TV as soon as you received it, you did. I also dealt with the freight company and they only complemented your business with very detailed and accurate information. I was told the TV would arrive to me on Tuesday. I called on Monday and set a time of 10:00 a.m. for Tuesday delivery. The driver showed up about fifteen minutes late and apologized because he had taken a wrong turn. Both of your companies have been very professional and easy to due business with. I have passed on similar comments to other individuals I know looking at plasma TV's, hopefully you will receive additional business. Thanks again for the great service and the dollars saved by purchasing through your company.

Mark Mulliniks
Shepherdsville, KY

Fast service. Projector Superstore was the first and lowest bid on a Sanyo PLV-Z3 projector. Their bid came in the day I requested it from ProjectorCentral.com. After waiting one week for other bits, and only getting one other, I ordered from Projector Superstore. The salesman was prompt and professional, though not real friendly. This guy was all business! The projector was sent out the same day I ordered it and it should arrive today (out for delivery as per UPS tracking.)

Van Brackin

Projector Superstore was the 5th vendor I called as the previous did not have my bulb in stock. Superstore not only had it in stock, but better price then the others. I wanted a next-day delivery which was SAT and they said 'no problem'. I had my bulb the next day. Great Service from Jeff.


Not only did I buy to Sanyo PLC-X11's I also bought two Projector mounts from Premier (PBL-UMS) that were not on their web site, but he special ordered them for me. The Transaction was very smooth.

John Pearson

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