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VGA Cables

VGA (HD15) cables carry an analog signal from a VGA enabled device such as a projector or computer to a monitor. In light of Analog Sunset, VGA is considered a legacy connector, and will be replaced with a digital HDMI or DisplayPort connector in the near future.

The HD15 Connector, more commonly known as VGA, is a very common connector used mostly as a video interface for computers and monitors. It can also be found on high-definition displays, and on older high-definition source devices such as satellite receivers and cable boxes. The HD15 is a High Density DB-style connector, so it can also be called an HD DB15. Another popular name is "VGA connector", although it is used in video applications that support much higher resolutions (SVGA, XGA, UXGA, etc.). An HD15 connector is the same size as a DB9 connector, but it has three rows of 5 pins. On most HD15 male connectors, there is one pin (pin 9) missing in the middle row. The 9th pin is omitted because it is not used to carry any part of a computer video signal.

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Showing 1-30 of 434 items