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Multimedia Audio and Video Controllers and Control Panels

Controllers and control boards are devices designed to manage events and presentations by giving an operator the ability to select, modify and output video and audio sources to different output components. There are both video and audio controllers. Controllers are essential for complex presentations and for controlling multiple displays simultaneously.

The main job of a multimedia audio controller and video controller is to allow the selective outputting of different sources. This can include controlling a matrix of displays on a video wall. The operator can select which sources reach a speaker or monitor. Most will convert formats as well.

Many controllers and control panels also have the ability to add special effects to the output. Sound control panels can perform noise reduction or adjust acoustic properties for extra clarity. Multimedia and video control panels can use common special effects like fading. Most controllers with multiple source capabilities can also composite sounds or images onto a single output.

Certain controllers can also be used to automate all or part of a presentation while still directing live video and audio. This is done through a number of presets that can be recorded before the event. A number of models allow for dozens of presets for each output. Additionally, video control panels sometimes have a port for external programming. This allows custom code designed for a specific device to be recorded and sent out as needed during a presentation.

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