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Audio Processors - Closed Caption Decoders

Whether the audio source is digital or analog, a good audio processor can enhance the original signal and integrate it into your sound system. Quality audio equipment provides exceptional sound clarity and ensures a great final product.

Another critical component for any audio system is an audio transformer. An audio transformer blocks potential interference from radio signals and electrical components. It also combines or splits audio components and matches the impedance among between high impedance and low impedance audio equipment.

Enjoy exceptional sound quality with professional a/v components!

Closed caption decoders make it possible for those who are hard of hearing to read the spoken words during a program. Allow everyone in attendance to engage in the presentation by incorporating a CC decoder in your system.

Projector SuperStore is your source for processors, transformers, decoders, and much more! Contact one of our knowledgeable sales team members today for more information and to find the perfect equipment for your system!

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