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Ricoh eBeam System Unit

Ricoh eBeam System Unit

Ricoh eBeam System Unit

By: Ricoh

eBeam Edge responds to educators’ teaching needs by creating a flexible and powerful learning environment for students. The system fits in a laptop case, supports dry erase capture and works on any flat surface with or without a projector. With an embedded magnetic mounting system, eBeam Edge easily moves from classroom to classroom. Its one-touch calibration button gets educators up and running in seconds. eBeam Edge includes curriculum resources including digital templates and manipulatives. These resources provide multiple ways for educators to prepare and present lessons that can be accessed, manipulated, recorded and shared . Create a learning environment anywhere using eBeam Edge and embrace the future of education.

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Limited 3-Year Warranty

The eBeam Edge Interactive Component by Luidia Inc. for Ricoh’s PJ-W allows you to transform your whiteboard, cubicle wall, or even your glass tabletop into an interactive workspace in minutes. Ricoh’s PJ-W is an ultra-short-throw projector, which when combined with this eBeam Edge Interactive Component or any projector for that matter, transforms any existing flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. Directly interact with anything you project, and share the results with your local and remote colleagues. Jump right into a PowerPoint, mark up a web page, resize an image, and draw freehand in vibrant colors. Engage your audience with an interactive workspace as big as 9.0 x 5.0’ (2.7 x 1.5m). eBeam Edge is designed to work with the equipment you already have. The system combines an interactive stylus with a small receiver that attaches to your existing whiteboard in minutes. As small and light as a TV remote control, eBeam Edge is a portable, intuitive, and interactive solution. Take it wherever your meeting is scheduled. It can be set up in minutes and works with any projector and Windows computer.
  • Use your whiteboard for free-flowing brainstorming with unlimited space
  • Integrate with PowerPoint to make presentations more collaborative
  • Share your whiteboard with meetings in real time
  • Virtual whiteboarding means an unlimited amount of space and an unlimited number of pages
  • Annotate and resize snapshots, images, and Microsoft Office files
  • Save virtual whiteboard files in ppt, PDF, and other formats
  • Integrate with PowerPoint and annotate on a presentation (all annotations are saved for reuse)
  • With meeting sharing, remote participants can see and annotate back, with no eBeam hardware required
  • If meeting attendees also have eBeam hardware, the two groups can collaborate at the board





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Limited 3-Year Warranty