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Vaddio 999-8660-000 EasyUSB Audio Bundle System F

Vaddio 999-8660-000 EasyUSB Audio Bundle System F

By: Vaddio

The Vaddio 999-8660-000 EasyTalk USB Bundle System F consists of an EasyUSB Mixer/Amplifier and EasyUSB PRO Mic I/O Interface. This combination allows you to use up to 4 A/V microphones in a PC conferencing system.

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The Vaddio 999-8660-000 EasyTalk USB Bundle System F uses a standard UAC driver, based on the guidelines set by the USB Implementers Forum, so you do not need to download any additional software or drivers. Instead, you can just plug in each device and they work with any operating system such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The system is completely driver-free.

The EasyUSB Mixer Amp supports up to 2 EasyTALK MicPOD microphones (sold separately). In addition, analog line level I/O interfaces allow for integration with external AV equipment such as videoconferencing codecs, external amplifiers, or LCD displays. The EasyUSB Mixer Amp also has a 2 x 20W integrated audio amplifier for connection to external 4/8Ω speakers.

The EasyUSB PRO MIC I/O Interface is designed to integrate almost any professional microphone with Vaddio's EasyUSB audio solutions. The PRO MIC I/O incorporates Vaddio's SmartMIC technology into the mixer, providing distributed multi-channel acoustical echo cancellation and automatic microphone mixing. Additional DSP technologies include noise reduction, microphone gating, equalization, filtering, and AGC for automatically calibrating to the live requirements of the room. 



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