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Hall Research SP-HD-4A 4 Channel HDMI Video Splitter/Extender

By: Hall Research

The Hall Research SP-HD-4A splits DVI or HDMI audio/video source for display on four identical outputs.

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2 Years

The SP-HD-4A splits a single DVI or HDMI audio/video source for display on four identical outputs. It supports HDTV resolutions up to 4Kx2K, is HDCP compliant; supports HDMI 1.4 deep color & 3-D formats, and handles all HDMI Audio formats. The SP-HD-4A is a high-performance unit that digitally splits and buffers the input signal for a 100% perfect image and sound reproduction on all outputs. The SP-HDMI-4A is used to split an HDMI audio/video (or DVI) source for display on 4 outputs. It supports HDTV resolutions to 1080p.

EDID Management - The SP-HD-4A uses an intelligent method to report the EDID to the source. Understanding how this done can help certain installations where the 4 outputs may be connected to different LCD's.

Since the unit supports HDMI with HDCP, priority is given to the outputs connected to HDTV rather than DVI LCD's. Though the unit can split a DVI source for 4 DVI LCD displays (with DVI to HDMI cables or adapters), it is not recommended to connect the input in that situation to an HDMI source such as a Blu-ray player, since the DVI LCD's will not support the video anyhow as most DVI LCD's are 4x3 format, do not support HDCP, and cannot handle embedded HDMI audio.

With regards to the HDTV's connected to the outputs, if all of them support 1080p then the order of connection is immaterial. But if some HDTV's do not support 1080p, they should be connected to the lowest numbered outputs. In short, please connect the TVs that support the highest resolution to higher numbered outputs, such as this:

Output 1 - HDTV supporting 720p
Output 2 - HDTV supporting 1080p
Output 3 - HDTV supporting 1080i
Output 4 - HDTV supporting 1080p

This will force the splitter to report 720p as the maximum supported resolution to the source and therefore all the connected HDTV's will have a display.



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2 Years