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Pure Resonance Audio Headworn Microphone Ear Set

By: Pure Resonance

The Pure Resonance Ultra-Clear Head-worn Microphone designed for use with standard Shure belt packs.

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The Pure Resonance Ultra-Clear Head-worn Microphone thin profile, Cardioid Directional, back-electret condensor head-worn microphone designed for use with standard Shure belt packs. The is ideal for spoken word use in environments such as Classrooms, Houses of Worship, Corporate AV, Theater, Fixed Installations, and other venues where an intelligible, natural, well-balanced sound is required. The cardioid directional polar pattern of the Ultra-ClearTm Head-worn Microphone provides a very clean and accurate sonic quality and uniform output regardless of the microphone's position relative to the sound source.

The Mic is designed to be extremely flexible and easily formed to fit comfortably over the ear of most users. The pliable boom and ear hook design can be shaped to match virtually any contour. The TA4F Connector terminated cable is discretely routed behind the user and attaches to the shirt collar, keeping the cable out of the way and preventing the microphone from being pulled off the user's ear. The Ultra-ClearTm Head-worn Microphone supplied windscreen can be used in windy environments and to reduce breath pops and noises.
  • 4-Pin TA4F Connector for use with Shure Wireless Belt Packs
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern for Clean, Accurate, and Uniform Sonic Quality


Technical Specs
Color                                        Flesh Tone
Coverage Polar Pattern              Cardoid
Maximum input sound level        110 dB SPL, 1kHz at 1% T.H.D
Signal-To-Noise Ratio                63dB, 1 kHz at 1pa
Power Consumption                  500uA (Measured 200 uA at 1.5V at 1.2K Hz)
Weight                                      1 lb





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