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AVerPen AP20t Interactive Wireless Teacher Pen

By: Aver Information

AVerPen was developed to further interactivity between teacher and student or student groups while providing innovative new tools combined in an easy-to-use and highly mobile product.

The product selected is no-longer available!

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3 Yers AVerPen, 1 year for the battery

Our ground-breaking slate alternative that works on virtually any surface without a bulky board or hefty price tag. With the comfort of a new pen design that is lightweight and ergonomic, you can control any software on your PC or Mac from 50 feet away and at $199 MSRP, it’s the ultimate in mobile curriculum control.
cost effective - less than $199MSRP*
*Education discount available
no board required - use on virtually any surface, no tablet board required
The AP20t Teacher Pen has unique design with new lighweight, ergonomic, ambidextrous design
reliable battery - rechargeable battery
compatibility - works on any computer, PC or Mac, with any software
mobile - the AP20t Teacher Pen lets you work from anywhere in the classroom with a wireless range of over 40 feet
The AP20t Teacher Pen comes with free interactive A+ software that is complete with enhanced object oriented annotation, project tools, image capture, video recording, LAN network ability and more.

Specifications and Package Content

  • » Color: Blue and Silver
  • » Length: 151mm
  • » Diameter: 25mm
  • » Weight: 45g
  • » Buttons: Power, Info and Function
  • » Wireless Technology: 2.4GHz RF Wireless
  • » Range: 50ft (15m)
  • » Bandwidth: supports up to 7 pens simultaneous operation
  • » Memory: registers up to 60 AP20s
  • » Pen Tip Technology: Proprietary Optical Sensor
  • » Software Platform: Windows or Mac OSX
  • » Connectivity: USB Charging Cable (teacher pen only)
  • » Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer AAA
  • » Battery Time: 5 days of typical usage per full charge
  • » Operating Temperature: 0 – 45 C (32 – 113 ° F)
  • » Certifications: FCC, CE
  • AP20t Teacher Pen Warranty The AP20t Teacher Pen products offer a standard 3 year limited parts and labor warranty with phone, email and web support available. All AP20t Teacher Pen accessories such as the battery are covered by a standard 1-year limited parts & labor warranty





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3 Yers AVerPen, 1 year for the battery