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Hamilton Study Buddy Card Reader/Recorder with 36 double sided Re-Usable Cards

Hamilton Study Buddy Card Reader/Recorder with 36 double sided Re-Usable Cards

Hamilton Study Buddy Card Reader/Recorder with 36 double sided Re-Usable Cards

By: Hamilton Electronics

Create your own custom digital flashcards specific to your curriculum!

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Students learn better when lessons are repeated. To help facilitate learning, Hamilton Electronics has introduced the Study Buddy, an electronic, interactive and customizable learning system. Study Buddy helps students from pre-K through high school create their own talking flash cards using visual and auditory cues to reinforce learning.

Study Buddy Features:
• Card reader kit - Includes 1 card reader & 36 re-usable double sided cards
• Audio card reader/recorder
• Create your own flash cards custom to your curriculum
• Includes 36 double sided re-usable cards
• Maximum memory: 72 cards
• Three "AAA" batteries (not included)
Study Buddy also allows teachers to create original, customized curriculum materials for their classrooms. Create a lesson or activity in minutes that meets the needs of individuals or small groups of students. Using dry-erase pens, photographs, graphics and/or original artwork that is prepared on reusable electronic cards, teachers can record an accompanying voice instruction that is unique for each card. By combining voice and graphics, student learners can work independently with the card sets on a variety of topics.
Use Study Buddy to create unique lessons, give group instructions, inspire storytelling and writing or simply hold project instructions for student use. Simply slip a photograph or artwork into one of the electronic cards, insert the card into Study Buddy’s card reader and record up to 10-seconds of customized audio that can be played back instantly. Until it is changed, each card corresponds exactly with its own unique audio segment.
The Study Buddy kit comes complete with 36 two-sided reusable, laminated cards that provide a total of 72 individual 10-second recordings which can be used over and over again or changed for years of learning fun and reinforcement.
One-touch play and record makes the Study Buddy easy to operate for teachers as well as children of all ages, and its "record protect"? feature keeps the recordings safe from accidental erasure or tampering. Study Buddy runs on three AAA batteries.
Study Buddy is a terrific tool for students as well as teachers. By changing visuals and auditory cues, entire lessons plans can be stored or changed in just moments, making even complicated lessons easy to digest. This is truly the future of learning.
Customized Curriculum in a Flash!
Using Study Buddy, teachers can:
• Assist grade and high-school students in learning and reading a foreign language.
• Stimulate young children and create easy lessons to assist with object identification, sorting, story-telling and sequencing skills.
• Facilitate station learning by disseminating prerecorded instructions that can be listened to as needed.
• Encourage writing skills by using Study Buddy to assist in the creation of individual stories.
• Promote group problem solving including word-based "scavenger hunts,"
? riddles or other learning games.
• Improve vocabulary in students of all ages by providing the word and a recorded definition.
• Make math easier by showing a visual problem and including an audio with the equation and the answer.
• Reinforce public safety issues such as identifying a stop sign with an audio segment saying, "This is a stop sign. It means to stop and look both ways.”








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