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Panasonic PT-DW7407000 Lumens WXGA Dual Lamp DLP Projector, DICOM Simulation Mode

By: Panasonic

The Panasonic PT-DW740US projector produces 7,000 lumens of brightness and high-quality images. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, from education and business to stage performance.

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The Panasonic PT-DW740US 1-Chip DLP Projector with Lens (Silver) is a compact but powerful projector. It features an RGB booster to ensure the projection of vivid images, an eco filter to eliminate the need for filter replacement for up to 12,000 hours, and a flexible system configuration.

The RGB booster achieves high image quality with high levels of color reproduction and brightness to make each color stand out. It combines vivid color control technology with a newly engineered lamp modulation drive system for the 1-chip DLP projector. Image quality is given more depth with the inclusion of the detail clarity processor. This advanced image-processing circuit analyses the video signal frequency range for each scene by extracting data on the distribution of high-, mid-, and low-frequency components, and brings out fine details accordingly. The resulting images have a more natural and 3-dimensional appearance with crisp and clear detail.

The wide adjustment range of the powered horizontal / vertical lens shift function assures convenience and versatility during installation. It lets you make adjustments easily with the remote control. The unit can also be rotated 360° vertically, which means that you can install it at any angle you want to accommodate different installation conditions.

A web browser on a computer connected through a wired LAN system lets you remotely operate this projector. An email messaging function can also notify you when a lamp needs replacement and indicate the overall projector status. In addition, multi-projector monitoring and control software is included for monitoring and controlling multiple projectors from a single PC. The wired LAN terminal is compatible with PJLink (Class 1), an open protocol that is used by many manufacturers, to enable integrated control of systems that contain different brands of projectors.

The Eco Filter has a replacement cycle of up to 12,000 hours, which reduces the hassle of maintenance. As an environmental consideration, the filter can be washed with water and reused. This projector also benefits from a liquid cooling system that directly cools the DLP chip to improve performance and enable operation up to 45°C. This allows use in a wider variety of environments while stabilizing performance and keeping the unit quiet even in harsh conditions.


Powerful 1-chip DLP projector offers easy maintenance and flexible configuration

Vivid picture quality is enhanced by RGB booster

Excellent installation and operation flexibility

A wired LAN system makes remote controlling simple

Enjoy superior reliability and hassle-free maintenance

Multi-screen support system

Side-by-side function

Eco standby mode

Vivid color control

Lamp modulation drive system

Detail clarity, processor brings depth and clarity to details

Eco filter that needs no maintenance for up to 12,000hrs



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WXGA (1280 x 800)



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