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Commercial-grade Digital Signage/Content Creation Bundle with 55-inch NEC V551 Display and NET-SBC-04 Single Board Computer

Commercial-grade Digital Signage/Content Creation Bundle with 55-inch NEC V551 Display and NET-SBC-04 Single Board Computer


Commercial-grade digital signage/content creation bundle with 55-inch NEC V551 large-screen display, NET-SBC-04 single board computer, wall mount kit and ultrablok surge suppressor.

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A Complete Commercial-Grade Digital Signage Solution...

NEC’s Digital Signage/Content Creation Solutions provide all of the necessary components for those in need of commercial-grade digital signage in a comprehensive bundle. The V551-PC-CRE bundle includes a 55” NEC V551 display, a single board computer to source digital signage content, a wall mount kit compatible for both landscape and portrait orientations, Ultrablok surge suppressor, complimentary content management software (CMS) and a voucher good for two hours toward NEC Content Creation Services. The V551 offers a high-performance public display-grade panel with full HD resolution and advanced connectivity including DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI-D. The loop-through inputs for both RS-232 and DVI provide full AV functionality at a cost-conscious price. Its built-in expansion slot enables you to easily connect the included PC for clean hidden integration while reducing the bill of materials needed for installation. The NET-SBC-04 single board computer boasts a 160GB SATA hard drive and 2GB of RAM. NEC’s Content Creation Services can help you break through the everyday clutter of messaging your audience encounters with high-quality, custom motion graphics that translate your business objectives into compelling calls-to-action that deliver results. You’ll work with our digital content development team and receive a custom video file, completing your digital signage solution.

Display bundled with single board computer, wall mount, surge suppressor, CMS and NEC content creation services

Public-display-grade panel protects against permanent image retention

Ethernet and RS-232 control and communication allows for ease in remote monitoring

Real time clock has the ability to set schedules for on/off times 24/7

SaaS web-based digital signage software

Ultrablok direct plug-in ISOBAR surge suppressor





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