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Kramer BCP-1T-500 1 Shielded Pair + Drain Wire Mono/Serial Plenum Bulk Cable

By: Kramer Electronics

High-quality, plenum rated, shielded pair style cable that routes balanced mono or unbalanced stereo audio signals in professional AV systems.

The product selected is no-longer available!

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Key Features:

Plenum Rated - The low smoke and fire-resistant properties of plenum rated cable allow it to reside in air return spaces of ceiling, floors, and walls, often saving the cost of installing conduit, the drain wire is in continuous contact with the aluminum M

Easy Stripping - Exceptionally easy to strip because the foil shield is bonded to the inside of the jacket

Varied Selection of Lengths - Available in reels of 75/150/300m (246/492/984ft)





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