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Portable Visualizer 1-CCD SXGA-/720p HD Progressive Scan Camera

Portable Visualizer 1-CCD SXGA-/720p HD Progressive Scan Camera

Portable Visualizer 1-CCD SXGA-/720p HD Progressive Scan Camera

By: WolfVision

1-CCD Native SXGA-/720p HD progressive scan camera, 30fps (real time motion)

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The WolfVision VZ-9plus³ is the Visualizer of choice for presenters looking for maximum usability. The unique combination of Synchronized Lasermarkers and Live Image Preview Monitor ensures that a presenter always knows exactly where to place items to be displayed. This makes the VZ-9plus³ easier to operate than any other portable Desktop Visualizer, and the premium quality lens with its impressive 16x optical zoom capability provides presenters with maximum flexibility during presentations. The VZ-9plus³ is also WolfVision's 'designer unit', having won many awards, including the world's most prestigious design award, a ‘RedDot – best of the best’. Technical perfection meets outstanding design - the VZ-9plus³ is an excellent choice of Visualizer for the discerning presentation professional.


  • Easy Positioning of Objects with Synchronized Lasermarkers
  • Unique Design and Usability
  • Built-in LCD Monitor
  • Easy to Use / Zoom Wheel
  • Smartphone Remote Control App
  • 290º Tilt Range of Camera
  • USB Host Port
  • Live to Freeze Comparison (Picture in Picture)
  • USB Device Port / Connectivity Software
  • External Controlling via LAN and USB
  • Perfect for Videoconferencing and Telepresence

Compact design, 1-step set-up

Reflection free working surface

1CCD Native SXGA-/720p HD progressive scan camera, sRGB color space

30 Frames per second (live motion), independent from resolution or zoom position

820 lines resolution, 1050 lines in image turn

64x zoom (16x optical, 4x digital): individual speed with zoom wheel

Built-in LCD monitor

Synchronized laser positioning

Turntable mounted

Lightfield for slides built-in

Camerahead can be turned to record images in front and behind the unit (with automatic image flip)

9 image memory with split image

Freeze function, Live to Freeze comparison

Outputs (4:3/5:4): UXGA, SXGA+, SXGA, SXGA- (native), XGA, SVGA

Widescreen Outputs (16:9/16:9 HD): 720p (native), 1080p, WXGA (native), WXGA


Ethernet/LAN port: IP-addressable, DHCP

Multicast and Unicast livestream

USB2.0, DVI, RS232

Computer input switch (loop-through, or scaled to DVI)

Firmware upgradeable through RS232,USB or Ethernet

Lightbox for x-rays optional

Remote: included (with laserpointer)

Kensington lock and lock bolt

Dust cover: included

Carry case: included



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