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19-Inch Rack Adapter for Single Wall Plate Inserts

19-inch rack adapter for wall plate inserts with 8 double slots that can hold 16 single or 8 double slot inserts in a 2U rack space.

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Key Features


7 Year Limited Warranty


Kramer Electronics

Part No:




RK-WP6 19-Inch Rack Adapter

Quick Facts

  • 19-inch Rack Adapter
  • Holds 6 Single Insert Size Wall Plate Inserts

Compatible Models:

W1145, W-1F, W-2F, W4545, WA-1, WA-1H, WA-1P, WA-2N, WA-3N, WAS-1N, WAV-1N, WAV-1RP, WB45, WBB, W-Blank, WBR, W-COM1, WCP, WD-2F, WD-2M, WD-FM, WD-MF, W-HDMI, WR45, WRR, W-S1, WSP-1, WU-AA, WU-AB, WU-BA, WU-BB, WV-2N, WX-1, WX-2F, WX-2M, WX-F5B & WX-MF.

Holds Up to 16 Single or 8 Double Slot Inserts

8 Double Slots For Single & Double Slot Wall Plate Inserts




7 Year Limited Warranty