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Kramer VS-3232A 32 x 32 Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher

By: Kramer Electronics

The VS-3232A is a high-performance matrix switcher for balanced stereo audio signals.

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7 Years

The Kramer 32 x 32 Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher allows you to switch between any of the 32 balanced stereo audio signals and 32 outputs independently. The high-performance device can route any or all of the inputs to any or all outputs simultaneously.

When connected to the VP-3232V(xl), the 32 x 32 Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher can operate in the Audio-Follow-Video mode. The Audio Matrix Switcher can operate as a standalone audio router as well as a companion router to the VP-3232V(xl). Digital Input Sampling and Routing gives you high-quality audio with zero crosstalk. Additionally, you can use either of the two optional communication protocols, the Kramer 2000 or Sierra ASCII.

You can recall and execute common video and audio configurations and audio gain status for each output using the preset memory locations. With the Take Button, you can execute multiple switches simultaneously. The 32 x 32 Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher also includes features such as Zero Cross Detection and Soft Mute. The device can be controlled using the front panel buttons or remotely via RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, or IR remote control. It has a standard 19” rack mount size, fits 2U rack space, and requires a 100-240V AC power supply. The device is suitable for use in broadcast, presentation, and production facilities and for monitoring in large duplication systems.

Level Adjustment - Input level: +/- 20dB for each input; output volume: 0 to -100dB for each output

S/N Ratio - >100dB at +20dBu/1kHz

Linearity - Better than 0.1dB from -25dBu to +20dBu

THD & Noise - <0.03%

Frequency Response - Flat between 20Hz to 20kHz

Standalone or VS-3232V(xl) Companion Switcher

Audio-Follow-Video - When connected to the VS-3232V(xl)

Zero Cross Detection and Soft Mute

Digital Input Sampling and Routing - Ensures zero crosstalk and high-quality audio

Flexible Control Options - Front panel, RS-232 (K- Router Windows-based software is included), RS-485, Ethernet and IR remote (included)

Communication Protocols - Kramer 2000 and Sierra ASCII

Memory Locations - Stores multiple switches as presets to be recalled and executed when needed. Front Panel Lockout

Take Button - Executes multiple switches all at once

Worldwide Power Supply - 100-240V AC

Standard 19" Rack Mount Size - 2U. Rack "ears" included







Weight (lbs):







7 Years