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Hall Research UV2-S 2-channel Video and Phantom Power over UTP Transmitter

By: Hall Research

The UV2-S can send a VGA or component video signal to multiple displays on Cat5 cable.

Price: $384.75

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2 Years

The Model UV2-S is a 2-channel video splitter that can send a VGA or component video signal to multiple displays on Cat5 cable. This unit features a standard HD15 VGA connector for the input and has 2 RJ45 connectors for the outputs. It also provides an additional VGA output for connection to a local monitor. The UV2-S can drive Cat5 cables of lengths up to 500 feet. At the remote (receiving) end of the Cat5 cables a Model UV1-R is required to convert the UTP signal back to VGA for connection to a monitor.

In most setups only one power supply is necessary for the entire system. The UV2-S Sender/Splitter comes with a power supply that is capable of powering itself and all the UV1-R receivers. For Cat5 runs of over 300 feet, the receivers need their own additional supplies that must be ordered separately (HRT model # 511-GS569). Made in the USA.

Support for local monitor at sending end

Multiple Cat-5 outputs

Handles resolutions up to 1600x1280 at any refresh rate

Drive standard CAT5 cables to 500 feet

Rugged, Reliable, Compact size

Transmit video and phantom power on one cable

Adjustable cable length compensation at each receiver

Only one power supply required for sender and all receivers



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2 Years