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Supernova One 110" .85 gain 16:9 Fixed Frame


Supernova One with Silvergrey Aluminum frame. Ships Assembled.

Price: $3,932.32

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1 Year

The revolutionary dnp Supernova One front projection screen is ideal for bright environments. Featuring an active high-contrast filter, the screen reflects the projected image while effectively absorbing ambient light (undesirable light from other sources). The result is vivid, sharp pictures with up to 7 times the contrast and double the brightness of conventional front projection screen images.

  • Ergonomic viewing
  • Compatible with all standard projectors
  • Screen sizes of up to 120” in the 16:9 format and 100” in the 4:3 format
  • Also available in 16:10 and 2.35:1 format
  • ISF-certified screen material available
  • Frames available in black and aluminium
  • Floor stand available
Supernova One with Silvergrey Aluminum frame. Ships Assembled.




1 Year