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Anchor Audio RSM-BP Package

By: Anchor Audio, Inc.

The RSM-BP RescueMAN Personal PA System Package from Anchor Audio is designed for emergency situations, crowd control, or whenever voice amplification is required. Featuring a 30W amplifier, it can reach up to 100 dB of sound and can be heard over loud emergency equipment or in a noisy environment.

Price: $300.00

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6 Years

The RescueMAN Basic Package (RSM-HH) comes with a powerful, personal public address system. It delivers crystal clear sound that is pumped out of a lightweight, wearable enclosure and is designed to be heard over loud emergency equipment or in an active environment. It includes the RSM-7500 PA speaker with an adjustable belt strap, a wired handheld mic, and a battery recharge kit. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that runs up to 12 hours on a single charge. This PA also features a high quality record and replay function which allows users to record a voice message up to 20 seconds with repeating capability. There is also an siren alert button, and large push buttons for use with gloves on. Use it for emergency situations, crowd control, disaster relief, or whenever you need voice amplification.

The RescueMAN features a record and replay function which allows you to record voice messages for up to 20 seconds. The kit includes a RSM-7500 PA Speaker, a MIC-50 Handheld Microphone, and an RC-30 Battery Charger kit, which includes 10 rechargeable NiMH batteries and an AC charging adapter.


RSM-7500 includes shoulder strap with MIC-50 holster

MIC-50 handheld mic

RC-30 (Battery recharge kit)



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6 Years