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15ft Plenum-Rated HD15 UXGA M/F Extension Cable + 3.5mm M/M Audio

Quickly extend the connection for a video display with speakers; plus the cable is CMP-rated for in-wall installation without conduit.

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The ideal, high performance solution for video presentations, video projectors, plasma screens, LCD or CRT monitors, KVM switches, and in installations where the cable must perform over long distances. One 3.5mm male stereo plug on each cable end extends your audio source. The plenum rating is a necessity for any systems integrator working on an educational or commercial installation.Cable construction consists of three 75 Ohm 28 AWG coax cables plus three 26 AWG twisted pairs and two 26 AWG conductors ensuring signal integrity in your installation.The coax cables feature a tinned copper braid providing 93% shield. Besides the metal HD15 connector housing, the cable is shielded by a tinned copper braid providing a minimum of 85% coverage, and by Mylar(R) aluminum foil and drain wire to provide 100% coverage.The low-smoke CMP-rated PVC outer jacket and FEP, Teflon(R) inner insulators provide the fire protection required to run these cables within walls and air plenums without the need for conduit. Don't be misled by cable dealers selling low cost, so-called plenum cables that don't meet the minimum requirements for plenum rating, those cables will cost you much more in the end. Instead, trust our plenum-rated high resolution cable for your installation!Connector 1: One HD15 Male and One 3.5mm MaleConnector 2: One HD15 Female and One 3.5mm MalePlease Note: UXGA provides a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. Not sure what resolution you need? See our VGA resolution guide.