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5m IEEE-1394a FireWire(R) 6-pin to 6-pin Active Extension Cable

By: C2G

Extend an IEEE-1394a FireWire cable an extra 5 meters (16 feet)!

Price: $27.90

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1 Year

Overcome the usual 4.5 meter length limitation of the IEEE-1394 standard. With this active extension cable, you can now extend your current cable another 5 meters! This is ideal for any situation where your device needs to be placed some distance from your computer. Compatible with 1394-1994 standards, this cable is fully interoperable with the FireWire standard.Data transfer rates up to 400 Mbps are supported and you can daisy-chain up to 5 active extension cables to extend the distance of your cable an additional 25 meters! Plug-and-play; hot-swappable.Connector 1: 6-pin 1394a MaleConnector 2: 6-pin 1394a FemalePlease Note: This must be connected to a 6-pin FireWire port at the computer end to allow operation of the extender. A 6-pin to 4-pin may be used at the extended end for use with your device. FireWire(R) and the FireWire symbol are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The FireWire logo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. This product is not manufactured or endorsed by Apple Computer, Inc.




1 Year