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AmpliVox SW227 Wireless Powered Speaker Kit

AmpliVox SW227 Wireless Powered Speaker Kit

AmpliVox SW227 Wireless Powered Speaker Kit

By: AmpliVox

AmpliVox SW227 Wireless Powered Speaker Voice Projector Kit Includes 50 Watt Amplifier, Two Speakers, Wireless Powered Speaker, Two Compact Tripods, and Carrying Case.

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This kit combines all these in one convenient package:
*SW225 Wireless Voice Projector, a professional portable public address system with built-in wireless, a revolutionary, compact, carpeted, lightweight presentation partner that can enhance LCD computer projectors and video projectors. This complete sound system contains AmpliVox’s powerful SW805A 50 watt multimedia stereo amplifier and two Jensen designed 6” x 8” oval speakers in a carpeted cabinet.  With built-in tripod mount, it is designed for accessible placement on a tripod, media cart, or permanent mounting. 

*S1204-70 Wireless Powered Speaker (also with built-in tripod mount) has a range of up to 500 feet. No more messy cables or wires. Your audience will hear loud and clear. The transmitter is included and connects to the 'Line Out' jack of the SW225 with the supplied cable.

*(Two) S1090 Compact Tripods

*S1960 Carrying Case on wheels with luggage handle, making transport easy.

Whether used in training rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, or boardrooms, this Voice Projector Kit will provide rich, room filling sound to increase the usual 2-3 watt output from a computer projector to 50 watts of stereo output from the re-engineered AmpliVox multimedia amplifier. It can dramatically enhance presentations and communication with mixed media sound line-in for CD, tape player or computer projector. Dynamic, interactive speaking and analysis is shared through multiple mic inputs, including capability of DUAL WIRELESS for hands-free presentations.  It includes both headset and lapel mics plus audio cables for laptop & projector.

Complete UHF Voice Projector system in carpeted cabinet with built-in tripod mount

Built-in 50 watt multimedia stereo amplifier with built-in UHF receiver, line in and line out, extra speaker jacks

Lapel & Headset mic + UHF transmitter

UHF 16 Channel (Frequency Range 584-608 MH)

Two built-in Jensen design 6" x 8" speakers in Voice Projector

Two built-in Jensen design 6" x 8" speakers in Dual Module Remote Speaker with transmitter

Covers audiences up to 2500 in rooma up to 20,000 sq. feet

Includes 2 tripods and carrying case on wheels with luggage handle

Audio interface cables for computer and projector



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