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.5m SonicWave(R) Glass TOSLINK(R) Cable

By: C2G

Flawless audio delivery - from the delicate strings of classical music to the booming bass and hard-driving explosions you experience in your home theater!

Price: $21.77

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Connect your DVD player, satellite DVR, CD player or other device to your digital audio receiver with the SonicWave glass fiber optical cable, a must-have for any audio purist. Constructed from 280 individual strands of 0.053mm glass for maximum flexibility, the bend radius is an amazing 70mm. High-purity optical grade glass fiber will not haze or discolor over time like plastic will. Sophisticated mirror-polishing techniques are employed to make the clearest end possible, and result in less error and maximum signal transfer. The 24K gold-plated collet provides rigidity and maintains cable fiber placement, while an 8mm, soft-flexible PVC jacket protects the delicate fiber core. Throughout its design, the SonicWave toslink cable eliminates EMI/RFI interference common to standard audio/video cables.Connector 1: TOSLINK MaleConnector 2: TOSLINK Male