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InFocus LiteShow III Wireless Presentation Adapter

InFocus LiteShow III Wireless Presentation Adapter

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InFocus LiteShow III Wireless Presentation Adapter

By: InFocus

Add the InFocus LiteShow III wireless presentation adapter to any projector or other display to quickly and easily share data, audio, and video over a secure wireless connection.


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1 Year Limited Warranty

The InFocus LiteShow III Wireless Display Adapter works with any projector or other display that has a VGA input to allow you to share data, audio and video over a secure wireless connection at speeds of up to 150 Mbps. It is compatible with several operating systems including Windows 7, Mac, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

The Moderator and QuadView features let multiple computers to connect to the display at the same time and let you control which computer(s) are displayed. The LiteShow III connects to your network to create a secure wireless access point. Multiple security levels mean you can control whether users have full network access, only internet access, or neither.


  • Eliminates cables and speeds time to presentation
  • On-board video decoding for fast, smooth playback
  • 802.11n for fast data transmission
  • Connect and display multiple computers
  • Creates a secure wireless network access point
  • Multiple security levels

Why choose LiteShow III?

  • Turns any display with a VGA input into a wireless and/or networked display
  • Connect and display multiple computers with Moderator and QuadView collaboration tools
  • 802.11n for ultra-fast transmission of data, video and audio
  • On-board video decoding displays HD video seamlessly
  • Creates a secure wireless network access point
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac
  • Compatible with mobile devices via MobiShow app by Awind, Inc.

Fast and convenient wireless connection

  • 802.11n wireless technology for fast transfer speeds of 150 Mbps and a reach of up to 300 feet (91 m)
  • On-board video decoding does the heavy lifting instead of the computer, so you'll get fast and clean reproductions of video and audio even at high resolutions and from older computers with less processing power
  • Visitors can connect to LiteShow III by inserting the LiteShow USB drive into their computer and start presenting -- no special admin rights or software to install

Tools for collaboration

  • Effortlessly switch presenters for seamless business collaboration
  • Teachers can wirelessly connect their students’ laptops and choose which student can display their work
  • QuadView can display up to four connected computers at the same time – ideal for web meetings, collaboration and classroom projects

Flexible and secure

  • LiteShow III can work as a network access point, which allows any wireless-enabled computer or PDA to connect, present, and/or access corporate network resources or just the Internet.
  • The Gatekeeper function can be set up to block all (display only), allow Internet access (display and get to the Internet) or allow all (display, Internet, and company network).
  • There’s no need to switch wireless networks to present. Stay connected to your corporate network (email, shared folders, etc.) when you want to present – simply connect to LiteShow III like a printer and start presenting. Secondarily, when configured for network presentation, guests can still use the wireless/access point functions to present and access the Internet while keeping your network assets private.



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1 Year Limited Warranty

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