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Gefen EXT-HDSDI-2-DVISP HD-SDI to DVI Plus Scaler Box

Gefen EXT-HDSDI-2-DVISP HD-SDI to DVI Plus Scaler Box

Gefen EXT-HDSDI-2-DVISP HD-SDI to DVI Plus Scaler Box

By: Gefen

• 10-bit resolution for greater precision and dynamic range
• Proprietary 10-bit motion adaptive video de-interlacing with edge interpolation for HD / SD formats.
• Advanced noise reduction and detail enhancement
• Max. active image size of 2048 samples x 2048 lines PBP processing for various combinations of video and graphics with alpha blending
• Fully integrated sprite based multi-plane OSD controller.
• Frame rate conversion to / from any refresh rate
• Pattern mode w/ color bars & cross hatch patterns
• Color correction
• Noise Reduction
• Detail Enhancement
• Brightness Adjustment
• Gamma Selection
• Aspect Ratio Select
• Custom Timing output mode
• French/English Menu Set
• RS-232 upgradeable firmware
• RS-232 and/or IR Control
• Genlock

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The HDSDI to DVI PLUS Scaler is the newest revision of our HDSDI conversion line incorporating SD/HDSDI Single or Dual link mode conversion scaled to Full Single link DVI-D. Resolutions of up to 1080p are supported over the DVI link for those that want true inchHigh Definitioninch. Performance has been greatly enhanced due to Gennum's VXP Scaler onboard; allowing for new features such as: Genlock, Color & Gamma Correction, Noise Reduction, Detail Enhancement, Aspect Ratio Selection, Pattern Generator Mode, & Multiple Language Menu Support. Bottom Line? -- More performance, less cost. SDI (serial digital interface), used primarily in broadcasting, converts and transmits digital video through SDI connectors. It enables video sources to process high definition, high quality video. HD-SDI devices are connected to the HD-SDI input and DVI devices are connected to the DVI output. When the source, display and the Scaler are powered and connected, video signals are converted to the proper format. Package Includes: HD-SDI to DVI PLUS Scaler Box 5v Power Supply Users Manual



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