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Gefen 4x1 3G-SDI No Signal Loss Switcher (Up to 1080p)

Gefen 4x1 3G-SDI No Signal Loss Switcher (Up to 1080p)

Gefen 4x1 3G-SDI No Signal Loss Switcher (Up to 1080p)

By: Gefen

• Switches four 3G-SDI sources instantly without signal degradation
• Streamlines equipment by eliminating unnecessary hardware
• Switching is accomplished 3 ways -- by using the optional IR remote, the front panel selector button, or the RS-232 interface.
• Video resolutions up to 1080p are supported

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The Gefen 4x1 3G-SDI Switcher allows any one of four high-bandwidth 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or SDI sources to be switched to a single output without a switching delay or loss of signal quality. Ideal for cutting equipment costs in the studio by enabling shared signal routing, this 3G-SDI Switcher supports source resolutions up to 1080p and has convenient switching methods. Up to four 3G-SDI sources connect to BNC input jacks on one side of the Gefen 4x1 3G-SDI Switcher. A single 3G-SDI output connects on the output side. Power is applied to the 4x1 3G-SDI Switcher and a vibrant video picture is transmitted to the output device. Any 3G-SDI input source is selectable via the included IR remote control or a selector button on the front panel of the 4x1 3G-SDI Switcher. Selection of sources may also be performed by using the RS-232 communications port.



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