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Gefen EXT-VGA-CAT5-148R 1x8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Receiver

By: Gefen

• Receiver Unit Only
• Easily distribute one source to eight simultaneous displays
• Extends video signals up to 330 feet over CAT-5e
• Supports component video distribution
• Maintains 1920 x 1200 resolution video
• Allows eight monitors to be connected to the same video source at the same time

Price: $125.00

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The Gefen EXT-VGA-CAT5-148R extends any VGA or Component HD display using a Single CAT-5 cable up to 330 feet from your HD source. The VGA CAT5 Distribution R connects via CAT5 cable to the 1x8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Sender. The receiver can be connected up to 330 feet away from the Sender unit. One CAT-5 cable connects the sender and the receiver to each other, extending your video flawlessly.