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HR Pro Plenum DVI to DVI 24 AWG CL2P Cable 33ft

HR Pro Plenum DVI to DVI 24 AWG CL2P Cable 33ft

By: Comprehensive

• 24 gauge Heavy Duty construction
• Will pass all resolutions up to 1080p or PC 2560x1600
• CL2P rated for installations in plenum spaces
• HDCP Compliant
• Premium Molded low-profile 24k Gold Plated DVI male connectors on each end
• Triple Shielded
• RoHS Certified
• Lifetime Warranty

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Comprehensive HR Pro Series Plenum DVI-D dual link cables are specifically designed for heavy duty and long distance applications. Unlike standard DVI cables that can only transmit 1080p up to 15ft, HR Pro Plenum DVI cables can transmit resolutions of up to 1080p 50 ft or more, and in most cases without the need for an extender or repeater. Our Plenum DVI cables utilize a large 24 gauge oxygen free copper center conductor to ensure extremely low attenuation and excellent signal transfer for high definition HDTV cable performance over longer distances than traditional cables. Triple shielding provides maximum rejection of all EM and RF interference and 24k gold connectors ensure superior connectivity. CL2P plenum rating makes this the perfect cable for commercial and residential installations. Our Lifetime Warranty means a lifetime of worry-free HDTV performance.



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