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Anchor Audio ALD-40 - 4-User Deluxe Wireless Assistive Listening System

By: Anchor Audio, Inc.

ASSISTIVE LISTENING DELUXE PACKAGE - (ALD-40) Four AL-WB belt pack receivers with in-ear headphones and AL-TX wireless transmitter base station in a light weight carrying case and UHF-6400 Wireless Reciever/Transmitter with handheld microphone

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6 Years

The ALD-40 from Anchor Audio is a deluxe wireless assistive listening system that combines all of the components of the ALB-40 and UHG-6400/HH wireless systems to accommodate up to four listeners. The AL-TX base station transmitter sends a signal out to the four included AL-WB beltpack receivers, which each have a pair of earbuds for listening right out of the box. The WH-6400 handheld microphone transmitter works with the WR-6400 base station receiver. When all of these components are combined, you can have a speaker or performer on stage using the microphone transmitter, and being heard by the four listeners using the beltpack receivers.

The AL-TX is a UHF base-station transmitter for assistive listening applications in lectures, movies, houses of worship, auditoriums, and more. It offers 16 user-selectable channels and an operating range of up to 300' line of sight. The base station will support an unlimited number of users, so the possibilities are endless. The unit is ADA compliant, easy to use, and comes with a kit for rack-mounting.

The AL-WB is a slim and durable beltpack receiver with two built-in antennas and an easily-accessible battery compartment, which holds two "AA" batteries. It has a range of up to 300' line of sight with the AL-TX transmitter. You can use the included earbuds for listening right out of the box, but any headphones with a 3.5mm plug may be used with the receiver.

The WH-6400 handheld transmitter features a cardioid microphone capsule. The cardioid pick up pattern reduces activity at the off-axis (sides) of the capsule, enabling high gain-before-feedback response. The handheld is powered with two "AA" alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

The WR-6400 base station receiver features 64 user-selectable UHF frequencies and diversity reception. True Diversity selects the best signal from two independent receiver circuits reducing dropout and interference. The rear panel features balanced 3-pin XLR and unbalanced 1/4" phone output connections. A headphone monitor output and volume control are located on the front and a rack mount kit is included.

Note: This kit comes with four AL-WB beltpacks, but additional beltpacks may be added to support an unlimited number of users.


16 user selectable UHF channels

Expandable for unlimited

Number of users

One-way communication

ADA compliant

Range up to 200ft line of sight

Storage case available

Assistive listening systems ideal for houses of worship, theaters, cinemas, auditoriums and classrooms

Package includes four AL-WB belt pack receivers with in-ear headphones, one AL-TX wireless transmitter base station, one UHF-7000 wireless receiver/transmitter with wireless handheld mic, rack mount kit and lightweight carrying case




6 Years