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Navitar SST150 1.5X ScreenStar Telephoto Lens

By: Navitar

1.5X ScreenStar Telephoto Lens - (33% Smaller Image)

Price: $2,153.50

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Navitar ScreenStar conversion lenses provide a new and simple way to change your throw distance or projected image size without replacing your projector’s standard lens. Our wide-angle and telephoto conversion lenses fit easily in front of the projectors standard lens, allowing you to project an image up to 17-50% larger or smaller, or move your projector up to 17-50% farther away from the screen. Navitar ScreenStar lenses are ideal for use with today’s smaller projector models, including DLP, LCD, LCOS and DILA formats. Navitar's new Mini ScreenStar lenses are designed to be used with small profile, low cost projectors with panel sizes 0.7" or smaller.

A stabilizing leg comes standard with every ScreenStar lens. When using the ScreenStar on a table, with a typical small DLP or small format LCD projector, the stabilizing leg is all you'll need. It allows you to simply place the ScreenStar lens in front of the prime lens on your projector. Another choice is the optional table stand with adjustable height and tilt, which allows compatibility with almost any size, shape or height projector. Please note that you will need to purchase the corresponding adapter ring for your ScreenStar model.


  • 1.5X ScreenStar Telephoto Lens - (33% Smaller Image)

Ideal for use with small format projector including LCD, DLP, LCOS and DILA.

Easily fits in front of the projector's standard lens.

Allows users to project an image up to 50% larger (or smaller) or move the projector up to 50% farther away from the screen.



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