Lamp Replacement
Terms & Conditions

This plan must be registered properly within 30 days of you invoice date. To register your plan, visit and click the “Register Your Plan” button. If you prefer to register with a representative please call (800) 905-0445. Failure to properly register this plan may eliminate or restrict full coverage benefits under this plan.

This plan must be purchased at the same time and on the same sales receipt as the covered LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp or the television or projector it comes with. Proof of purchase is required at the time of service. Please take a moment and verify your plan. Check carefully to determine that you have the correct plan for your product. If you register a television bulb protection plan to cover a projector bulb, you may be eliminating or restricting your full coverage benefits under this plan. Failure to properly register or possession of an improper plan for you product may result in no coverage. Consumer Priority Service reserves the right to refund the retail price you have paid and void this plan.

Coverage under this plan begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s original written parts warranty for the covered lamp. If the LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp fails within the duration of this plan, and is subject to protection under the terms of this plan, Consumer Priority Service shall arrange for the replacement of the covered lamp or monetary compensation of the lamp at the time of the claim. Monetary compensation shall be equal to the current market value of the covered lamp, as determined by Consumer Priority Service, and shall not exceed maximum coverage listed below. Maximum coverage under this plan for a television bulb shall be $175.00. Maximum coverage under this plan for a projector bulb shall be $350.00. If the replacement cost of your bulb exceeds the maximum coverage allowed under this plan, you shall receive a check for the maximum coverage amount.

The LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp protection plan applies only to the lamp. This plan does not cover any other parts that may fail or trip. This plan does not cover any labor or shipping expenses you may incur as a result of your lamp replacement. This plan shall cover the replacement of 1 (one) lamp during the plans duration.

To initiate a claim, log on to and click on the “Make a Claim” button. Alternatively you may call (800) 905-0445 and speak with one of our claims representatives for assistance.

This article sets forth the entire plan and may not be modified except by Consumer Priority Service. Unless the commercial option is purchased and indicated on your membership card, coverage under this plan only applies to products used non-commercially. You may be required to ship or deliver your defective lamp prior to receiving a replacement lamp.

If you call for service and the problem is not the result of failure of the LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp, the purchaser of this plan shall be responsible to pay any fees incurred as a result of the service initiated.

Lamp Protection Exclusions form Coverage
This plan does not cover any loss or damage resulting from pre-existing conditions; manufacturing defects; improper installation of the covered LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp; failure to reset a timer after installation of a replacement lamp; dimming; exploded lamps; losses on any component never covered by a manufacturer warranty; installation of an incorrect lamp; power surge or overload; usage beyond the lifespan of the lamp; reception and transmission problems resulting from external causes; unauthorized repairs or modifications; improper use of electrical and/or power supply; loss of power as result of a malfunction or damage of an operating part from failure to provide manufacturer recommended maintenance, such as cleaning filters; intentional and/or accidental damage caused by third parties; labor, trip or shipping charges; repairs still within the manufacturer’s warranty period; Neglect; Misuse; abuse of any component including adjustments; disposal cost of any component employee or third party; damage caused by any repair personnel or owner; components and products used for commercial purposes; products provided for public use or rental.