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Hitachi A3WALLARM Projector Wall Mount

High quality projector mount, ultra-durable construction and long-life reliability.Compatible with select Hitachi projectors

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Hitachi Projector Mount. Compatibility - CP-A220N CP-AW250N CP-A300N iPJ-AW250NCP-A222WN CP-AW251N CP-A301N CP-AW2519N

Projector Mount Type


accommodates a larger range of image sizes, from 60" to 100". For the range from 70" 100" we have included a telescoping component to the arm. For the 60" 70" range, this piece is not needed.

The A3WALLARM has added vertical height adjustment on the wall plate bracket.

The A3WALLARM is, overall, 4" longer, in orderto accommodate the depth of a chalk tray.

The adjustment knobs of the A3WALLARMhave a larger thread, making the adjustment easier to control.

The size of the channel (arm) itself has been increased to provide more internal cord manage-ment space (from 2.5" x 1" up to 3" x 1.5").