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15-pin HD, 3.5mm Stereo Audio & RJ-45 Cable

15-pin HD 3.5mm & RJ-45 (M-M) Cable

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Kramer Electronics

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15-pin HD 3.5mm & RJ-45 (M-M) Cable

Quality Construction - Flexible cable, all pins of the 15?pin HD connector are passed through. The audio leads are 61.0cm long (24in) at one end and 20.0cm (8in) on the other end. The RJ?45 ends are 15cm (6in) long with gold?plated connectors.

Conductors - Micro coax conductors for the VGA cable and 24AWG wire for the UTP CAT 5e.

Connectors - Small profile 15?pin HD connectors fit high?density installations.

All Pins Connected for DDC2 and EDID Support.

Varied Selection of Lengths - Available in versions of 0.9 to 7.6m (3, 6, 10, 15, 25ft)