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Kramer WP-301xl Active Wall Plate Computer Graphics Video/Stereo Transmitter

The WP-301xl is a wall plate twisted pair transmitter for computer graphics video & stereo audio signals.

Brand : Kramer Electronics

Part No : WP-301xl

Condition : New

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Key Features:

Front Panel Connections - 15-pin HD & stereo 3.5mm

Rear Panel Connections - RJ-45 on US version, easy-insert CAT 5 terminal on EU version, power

HDTV Compatible

EDID Storage - EDID information can be stored in the wall plate by using the FC-200 XGA EDID Copier

Power Connect System - A single connection to the transmitter or the receiver powers both units when the devices are within 150ft (50m) of each other

Dimensions - 7.9cm x 3.3cm x 12.4cm (3.12" x 1.31" x 4.88") US; 8.6cm x 3.1cm x 8.6cm (3.39" x 1.22" x 3.39") and 8cm x 3.1cm x 8cm (3.15" x 1.22" x 3.15") EU W, D, H

Wall Plate Size - 1 gang EU/US (US version includes a removable wall plate frame)

Size - Wallplate



Presentation rooms


Kramer Electronics

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