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Kramer VM-10xl 1:10 Composite Video & Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier

The VM-10xl is a broadcast quality 1:10 distribution amplifier for composite or SDI video signals with unbalanced stereo or balanced mono audio.

Brand : Kramer Electronics

Part No : VM-10xl

Condition : New

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Key Features:

High bandwidth - 360MHz (- 3dB)

Audio controls

Level (Gain) and EQ (Peaking) controls

Looping inputs

Selectable input signal termination

Video AC/DC coupling selection

Standard 19 inch rack mount size - 1U

Broadcast video/audio duplication studios, delivering undiminished quality duplicates

Video audio showrooms, delivering an identical picture and sound to several monitors

Video component distribution using several VM-10xl units

CCTV and security applications


1 composite video, 1 looping, 1Vpp/75 ohms with termination switch on BNC connectors. 2 audio, stereo or balanced mono, 2 looping, on RCA connectors


10 composite video, 1Vpp/75 ohms on BNC connectors.10 audio, stereo or balanced mono, on RCA connectors

Maximum Output Level

Video: 1.6Vpp; audio: 26.5Vpp

Bandwidth (-3dB)

Video: 360 MHz, Audio: 100 kHz

Differential Gain

0.07 %

Differential Phase

0.05 degree


0.05 %

S/N Ratio

Video: 77dB, Audio: 87dB


Front panel accessible trimmers for video level (- 1.2dB to + 6dB) and EQ. (0dB to + 8.1dB), audio left and right control trimmers (0dB to + 6dB), balanced/stereo selector switch and audio controls enable switch


Video: DC/AC; audio: AC

Audio THD + Noise

0.023 %

Audio 2nd Harmonic

0.001 %

Power Source

230 VAC 50/60Hz (115V U.S.A.), 4.7VA


Power cord


19 in




7 in

Maximum load protection

4.7 lbs (2.1 kg Approximately)